Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Lazy Day Style: An Honest Look at WIWW

Happy April, friends! I am hoping spring will be kind enough to make an appearance here soon, but so far no luck. Winter is determined to hang on for a while longer. :(

pleated poppy
It's Wednesday, and time again for What I Wore. The point of these semi-regular posts of mine are to motivate me {and the hundreds of other participants who link up at The Pleated Poppy} to ditch the sweats and pjs and get dressed in something cute. For the most part it works. Most days, I do get dressed… just not for long! I might run errands or take Hunter to the library, but the minute I'm back home, the bra comes off and the sweats are back on! 

Here's an honest peek at my lazy day every day style.
Cardi: Target  Tee:  LL Bean   Tank: Old Navy   Pants: Lands End Starfish Collection
I love those pants and wear them all the time. Highly recommend them! So that is what I wear at home; here are a few outfits I've worn in public…

 Everything here is from Old Navy except the scarf. It's from Target.

 Same cardi as above, and everything in this pic is from Target.

Dress: Lands End  Leggings: Old Navy  Boots: Born  Necklace: Yard Sale

Now it's time to spill your guts, do you throw on your comfies as soon as you get home, or do you hold out for bedtime? Don't be afraid to admit it if you're an all-day-pj person… I'm right there with you!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Spring Vignette and a Pottery Barn Hack

I always love/hate getting the spring Pottery Barn catalog. It's full of so many fun, but expensive ideas. It never fails to ignite my inner creative-cheapskate though. This year I was inspired to re-create one of my very favorite Pottery Barn spring vignettes.

This image is all over Pinterest this time of year, and with good reason… it's cute as a bunny. I am certainly not the first to recreate it either, but it was a fun jumping off point for my own little vignette.

I only had enough eggs to write "spring" but I figure I can get more mileage out of that than "Happy Easter." They may still be hanging there in June! I just wrote the letters on with a sharpie and hot glued on a loop of ribbon. Embarrassingly simple and far from perfect looking, but better than paying Pottery Barn prices!
The other big difference between my vignette and the original is the number of bunnies. Now there is no shortage of bunny figurines in my house at this time of year, but rather than group them all in one place, I let them hippity-hop all over.  Let's take a look at a few of them!

This guy is the biggest of the bunch, and although he is quite handsome, he's not quite my favorite.

 This little fella, all snuggled in his mossy nest, is my favorite.  I found the pretty scalloped bowl at Pier 1, and painted the little blue eggs with some craft paint. The candles are from Target (they smell delicious!).

I know there is no bunny in my coffee table vignette, but that's only because he has since moved outside. I will share some of my outdoor decor later this week… that is if they're not covered in snow! It's 50* outside today, but we've got a winter storm watch on for tomorrow. I wish spring would be here to stay. This teasing is just cruel!
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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Natural Spring Mantel

With snow on the ground and sub-zero temps still on the thermometer, it can be tough to get into the swing of spring. I can't do much about the appearance of the world outside my front door, but in order to brighten things up inside, I went with a fresh, natural spring mantle in my kitchen.
As the focal point of my kitchen mantel, the burlap wreath has to be a workhorse; she's been dressed for fall, Christmas, Valentine's, and St. Patty's Day so far this year. She got yet another makeover to welcome spring.

I took out the green ribbon and replaced it with some more natural-looking elements. A bird's nest, ferns, and pussy willows are perfect for spring and Easter.
 The burlap bunny made an appearance again this year, albeit in a new frame. You can see him in a Pottery Barn inspired vignette here {my most-viewed post ever, thanks to Pinterest!}. 
The chalk art in my firebox was inspired by this beautiful Easter card I found on Pinterest. You can still see the shadows of my previous drawings, but from a distance it's not too noticeable.

Decorating my mantel for each new season may seem like a bit of a chore, but I have found a formula that works for my space. By sticking with the same basic elements and just changing out the colors and small accessories, I can enjoy a fresh look every few months. 
 Even though winter is still hanging on outside, I am ready to welcome spring indoors! 
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