Monday, April 23, 2012

Because I Am a Crazy Person

Please allow me to introduce the newest addition to our family...

A rare quiet moment.
Meet Samwise the Brave. Sam for short. He is a 10 week old Rat Terrier mix (according to the animal shelter). We adopted him on Saturday, and he has quickly become a family favorite. Well, not so much for the cats. They remain disgruntled. In fact, I think they may be plotting his demise...Sam, however, appears unfazed by their rancor. The kids are thrilled, and it has been great to see their enthusiasm, despite all the work involved with puppy-parenting. I hope their zeal doesn't wear off any time soon!

On an unrelated note: tonight was the last class of my career as a grad student. I didn't even realize it till it was over. It doesn't feel very official to me, as I won't defend my thesis for a few months yet, but there it is. I have just one short paper left, and a few tweaks on a final project and I'm done. Maybe I'll feel more excited when I get the actual diploma... at least I hope so!

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