Friday, April 6, 2012

Tiresome Twosome

Today was a long day. I knew going into the day that it would be long (and potentially get ugly) but it surpassed my expectations. I did my best to prevent/alleviate what I knew would be not so fun for the kiddos, but we had a lot of not-fun things to get through. Good Friday services, haircuts, choosing where to eat (that's always fodder for a fight), and a lot of shopping... followed by a lot of cleaning. We actually made it up through the haircuts before the proverbial doodoo hit the fan. When I tried looking for an Easter dress for myself, they just lost it. Eye rolling, complaining, and oh the endless-endless bickering. I tried on two dresses before I lost it. So we spent the next two hours shopping in silence. All our Target items, and a looong list from the grocery store were purchased under verbal lock-down. In a way it was nice, but I couldn't help from feeling mad, I always have such high-hopes for a fun shopping excursion. And it can happen if I just have one kid. But with both they make me crazy! Grr! I was so frustrated. So we finished up (besides the mandatory silence, they lost screen privileges for the weekend), came home and with some outdoor time, everyone was feeling happier by dinner. They played beautifully together, as long as our neighbor boy was there. After dinner, I said I would read to them, but they had to go and put way their laundry. It only took two minutes and I could hear them fighting upstairs about who would sit in the middle. I crossed my fingers they wouldn't bring it to me, preventing me from having to get involved. No such luck. They both were compelled to tattle. So no reading for us. And, to top it off, I was so mad they couldn't go 2 minutes without fighting, I said we were not coloring Easter eggs this year (we were supposed to do it tonight, but it got moved to Saturday with all the nonsense of the afternoon). Now they lost it totally. I feel like I may have gone a wee bit overboard with that, but we'll see how tomorrow plays out. We have yet another long day of chores, cleaning, and cooking to prep for 15 guests for Easter dinner. Love them... but today was a tough day.

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  1. It sounds like a tough day and boy have I had those. Why oh why is the sound of sibling quarreling like fingernails on a chalkboard for us mothers? It drives me batty. :)


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