Friday, April 13, 2012

What I Wore

I love to look at fashion blog posts. You see, I am not very creative when it comes to dressing myself. I tend to go for comfort over style, and to be honest, I would live in sweats and pjs if left to my own devices. Teaching and working have forced me to be a bit more put together, especially since I am kind of a pushover... if I look like a respectable professional, my students are a bit more likely to take me seriously. But I struggle with it. Pinterest really helps. It's a great place to get inspiration. But what I love is seeing real women, wearing real clothes (vs. couture). So things like Lindsey's WIWW have been invaluable. And I started playing along, albeit for my own benefit. I found that taking photos of my outfits helps me see them differently. Like- oooh, that belt really didn't work. But it also helps as a reminder of what outfits did work, so when I'm in a rut, I can quickly pull out a past winner and I'm good to go. So here are some of my faves from this winter (insert obligatory apology for badly lit cell phone pics, dirty mirrors, and messy rooms):

Sweater: Lands End
Pants, Necklace: Banana Republic
Tank: Shade Clothing
 Dress, Infinity Scarf: Shade Clothing
Wool leggings: Smartwool
Boots: Keen
Necklace: Made by me :)
 Scarf: Old Navy
Sweater: Lands End
Wool leggings: Smartwool
Boots: Artisan by Clarks
Skirt: really old, I think I got it at Macy's

Down vest: The North Face
Scarf: Target
Tee: Gap
Sweater: Lands End
Flower pin: The Pleated Poppy
Jeans: NYDJ
Shoes: Naturalista

There appears to be a theme here: Minnesota practical! Lots of scarves, turtleneck sweaters, wool, and down. Thankfully, the weather has warmed up a bit, so I will be sharing a few slightly more springy outfits in the coming days.

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  1. Thanks for posting this! I recently thrifted a down vest and have been having a hard time, trying to figure out what wear it with. Love your outfit; the scarf is super cute! Thanks for the inspiration


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