Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What I Wore To Meet the Queen {Sort of}

Okay, so maybe I didn't actually meet the Queen. Or any members of the royal family, for that matter.
But I did get to stand next to Princess Diana's wedding dress. And that, my friends, was pretty cool.
Bag- Vera Bradley "Side by Side Tote" in Suzani
Love this bag! It's so cute and functional.
Sweater, scarf- Old Navy
Tee- Banana Republic
Cami- Shade Clothing
Jeans- Gap
Shoes- Skechers

 Friday~ I was cleaning most of the day and running errands.
Sweater, jeans- Target
Cami- Shade Clothing
Sandals- Merrel

Saturday~ we went to my nephew's birthday party. My entire outfit is from Target (except the earrings, I think I got those at Macy's) The best part~ the sandals were on clearance for 70% off. I think they were under $5. 

Tuesday~ this is what I wore when I couldn't get into my dresser because I had painted the drawers shut. Yup, I'm that clever. Any advice on unsticking them without wrecking my dresser? I'm getting desperate {and I need clean underwear!}
Hoodie- The North Face
Tee- Gap
Jeans- Silver
Tennies- Nike

That's it for this week. Thanks for stopping by for another edition of What I Wore.
I will be joining Lindsey for her WIWW party.
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Tuesday Randomness and My Adventures in {Mis}Painting

The week after a holiday weekend always seems a little disjointed, and this week is no exception. It feels even more odd given the fact that Chris worked all weekend and then had Monday off. But we are trying to maintain some semblance of our routine, although it is hectic at the end of the school year. It promises to be another busy week. The kids only have 7 days of school left, and they each have field trips (at least one of which I get to chaperone) and end-of-year concerts this week. Caitlin has a soccer tournament, and they both have practice on different nights. 

My Memorial weekend started early. I took last Thursday off from reality, and spent the entire day shopping and dining with one of my oldest and dearest friends. We went to the Mall of America to see the Princess Diana exhibit. We are both avid royal-watchers, so this was a must-see event for us.

The exhibit was amazing. Diana's wedding dress was the star of the show, obviously, but there were also mementos from her childhood and many of the beautiful and familiar dresses we've seen in photographs over the years.
The rest of my Memorial weekend was pretty laid-back. I cleaned and prepped for my master bedroom makeover on Friday and went to a birthday party for my nephew on Saturday. 
{I have a cute gift tutorial coming soon related to this!}
On Saturday night, I took the kids to see Men In Black III. I almost didn't, since it was PG13. But they've seen the first two movies, and this was no worse. It was a bit violent, but no more so than Star Wars or Indiana Jones, and there was some colorful language, but nothing they've not heard at home {oops!}.
And it had Will Smith. Cute and funny. End of discussion.

Sunday and Monday was more cleaning and lots of painting. Here's where it gets interesting. 
This is one of the "before" pictures I took of my bedroom. As you can see, most of my furniture is black. Part of my plan was to paint it white, knowing it would be tedious and take quite a bit of time, I tackled it first, just to get it out of the way. 
Now, I've painted a lot of furniture in the past. I have learned the hard way not to cut corners. I always remove the hardware, sand, prime, and paint. And I always, always wait till everything is dry before reassembling. Always.
Except for last night.
See that black dresser on the right? It's older than dirt, and not in very good condition, and it took a LOT of paint to cover the black. I was tired, my bed was covered in clothes and I wanted to just be done. So I put the drawers back in before it was fully dry.
This morning {as with most mornings} I wanted to get dressed. However, I could not open my dresser drawers. That's right, friends, I painted my dresser shut. 
So today, rather than starting on the walls, I will be prying my drawers open with a utility knife and attempting to repair the damage done by my lazy attempt to save time.

Wish me luck!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day!

I just wanted to stop in quickly and wish you all a blessed Memorial Day.
{Image from Country Living}
We are spending the day at home, but my thoughts and prayers will be with those who serve and protect our country, now and in the past. May God bless and protect them.

Enjoy the day!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What I Wore: The Pinterest Edition

It's Wednesday, and you know what that means...
Time for another edition of What I Wore, wherein my family continues to question my sanity as I take daily photographs of my clothing.

Fact #1: I feel extremely silly doing this. 
Fact #2: I do it anyway.
I keep at it because it has been so inspiring to see hundreds of other women joining Lindsey in this idea.
pleated poppy
 I love seeing the outfits other women put together, which is probably why I also love Pinterest so much.

My goal for this week was to continue recreating some of my favorite Pinterest outfits with items I already had in my closet.

Pinspiration Outfit #1
I think this one came right from the Shade Clothing website. 
I love her leopard flats. I'm on the look out for a good pair.

Eternity scarf: Shade Clothing
Sweater: Banana Republic
Cargos: Target
Shoes: Skechers 

Pinspiration Outfit #2
This couldn't be more basic, and it's what I'm most comfortable in. Jeans, a tee, and a scarf.
Again, I think it's the shoes that make this outfit extra-special. 
I didn't have any cute stripy flats, but I did have coordinating polka dots on  my sandals.
That counts for something, right?

Tee, scarf, belt, and flips: Target
Jeans: Silver

Pinspiration Outfit #3
Hands down, this is the most re-pinned outfit on my board. I've been looking for a cute, cheap turquoise statement necklace, to finish off this outfit, but I've yet to find just the right one. It's the accessories that really take any of these outfits from boring to cuteness. Since I didn't have that special necklace, I went for some extra fun with my hair accessories. 

Jacket, skirt: Old Navy
Top: Lands End
Cami: Target
Flips: Reef
Necklace: J. Jill 
Wrap bracelet: Banana Republic

Pinspiration Outfit #4:
This is a pretty loose interpretation, but I was working with what I had!

Sweater: Banana Republic
Top: Target
Necklace: Allora Handmade {I get compliments whenever I wear this one}
Jeans: Silver
Sandals: Roxy

Trying to re-create these outfits really made me realize how fun accessories can make an outfit pop. They totally elevate wardrobe basics into something unique and memorable. 
I tend to go for a lot of scarves, but I'm trying to branch out in my jewelry choices as well.
And shoes. I need more shoes. 
Oh, and handbags. Yup, definitely need more of those...
This could get dangerous!

Do you have any favorite accessories? Do you go for one type of accessory more than others? 
Shoes, statement necklaces, purses, scarves, headbands... 
The possibilities are endless!

That's it for this Pinterest-inspired week of outfits. 
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As always, I'd love to hear your thoughts, questions, and comments!
Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Hello, Monday

Ugh. Monday. My least favorite day of the week.

How did it get here again so quickly? 

The weekend was busy and fun:
 Lots of kids over, filling the house with laughter and messes.
Final episode of Sherlock on PBS. I can not wait a whole year for more! It's almost as bad as waiting for more Downton Abbey episodes.

I'm ready to greet the new week with a smile, though.
I'll be joining Lisa for her Monday link-up.

So... Hello, Monday. :)

Hello, delicious and easy cheater donuts. You make our Saturday mornings extra sweet, and you're still delicious on Monday morning!
I've mentioned my love of these before...
I skip the extra dip in butter and just roll them in cinnamon-sugar while they are warm from the frying pan, because...

Hello, Weight Watchers.
I'm entering week 2 of my return to Weight Watchers. And it is not fun.
I love to bake. I love to cook. I love to eat.
I do not love no longer fitting in my "fat" pants. 
So, no delicious donut holes for me.
{Okay, only one delicious donut hole for me.}

Hello, little mouse nibbling at my birdseed this morning.
You are very cute, but if I find evidence you've been in my house, I will ruthlessly exterminate you.
Or, I will have Chris do so. Because I am actually rather scared of your cute-self.
Please stay outside. We'll both be happy that way.

I've been looking for a good book to kick-off my summer reading, and this one fits the bill nicely.
I'm always looking for suggestions and recommendations, so if you have any advice please let me know in the comments!

Hello, crazy-busy week.
Soccer, school meetings, soccer, end-of-year picnic and carnival, soccer, Girl Scouts, soccer, vet appointments, soccer, and puppy obedience classes. Oh, and more soccer.

The highlight of my week is coming up on Thursday, though, when I get to sneak away with some girlfriends to spend the day with Princess Diana's wedding dress. I can't wait!

What does the week have in store for you? 
I hope it's a good one!

Friday, May 18, 2012


This week, I rediscovered the fun of Instagram. I started using it over a year ago, but kind of lost my insta-mojo. Well I'm back, and having more fun than ever. It's so easy to make your simple phone-pics look extra special. You can follow me @ DreamandDiffer. 

Today I'll share some of the shots I took over the last week. I'll be linking up with Jeannett for her InstaFriday party. 
life rearranged
Click on over and check it out! It's really fun to get a peek into the minutiae of other people's lives.

I needed a new profile pic, so I went with the glam sunglasses look.

Samwise the Brave. His ears are so dang cute.

See those pinky-toes? There's almost no nail there. It's weird. 
(Thanks for passing on that oddball trait, Mom!)
Obviously, my feet need all the help the can get in the beauty department. 
Turquoise and Caicos polish by Essie brightens up even my alien toes.

Hunter Goo, sometimes shortened to just Goo.
That has been his nickname since babyhood, when he would say "goooooo" over and over. And laugh hysterically when we said it back. 
So far, he still allows us to call him that, although I'm sure he won't tolerate it for too much longer. 
He'll always be my little Goo, though!

Our fairy garden. It's right on the edge of our window box, near the front steps. The kids have so much fun rearranging the stones and moving things around. We've got to cover up the sprinkler hose somehow, though. Maybe I'll dig out the pine trees from our Christmas village...

Double peanut butter and dark chocolate chip. 
'Nuff said.

That's my week in a nutshell. I've got a full agenda today and a busy weekend coming up. Cleaning, laundry, shopping, cooking, and company. I'm making PW's baked lemon pasta and a key-lime pie for dinner tonight. Yum!

What are you up to this weekend?

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday: The Mother's Day Edition

Lately, I'm finding it entirely too easy to remain in my lounge pants all the live-long day. 
I'm editing a textbook from home, so with no where to go and no one to see, there is not much reason for me to shower, let alone get dressed. But in an effort to avoid total slob-status, I did get dolled-up a few times this week. 

~First up, my continuing attempts at Pinterest Interpretation~

This was my jumping off point:

This was my real-life interpretation:

Not an exact copy, but kind of the same flavor.
Sweater: Banana Republic
Scarf and skinnies: Old Navy
Sandals: no idea. They are so old, the brand wore off!

Ok, the next outfit was influenced by the changing Minnesota weather. The morning was chilly, so I started the day with leggings. But it warmed up, so I ended it with bare (and blindingly white) knees. And different boots. Go figure.
Which version do you like better?
Dress: Shade Clothing
Belt: Target
First boots: Keen
Second boots: Macy's
Leggings: Old Navy
Knee Socks: Target
Flower pin: Claire's

Mother's Day is a special occasion, so I felt like it warranted a special outfit, even though I only wore it for a few hours. I spent most of the day in gardening grubs.

Dress: Dress Barn
Cardi: Target
Shoes: Macy's 
Caitlin calls these my "elf shoes" because of their pointy toes. Are pointy-toe shoes "out" now? Do you like them? I thought they might be kind of dorky, but didn't have anything else that matched. More importantly, they are brutally uncomfortable. I think they will have to head to the Goodwill sooner, rather than later.

That's it for this week. 
Thanks for stopping by, and I'd love to hear what you think of this week's WIWW so leave a comment, if you're so inclined.

I'll be linking up with Lindsey for lots more WIWW awesomeness.
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Monday, May 14, 2012

Hello, Monday!

I had the most marvelous weekend.
It was the first one in forever that we did not have to be anywhere or do anything.
No sports for the kids, no company, no obligations, appointments. No nothing.
And it was lovely.

I'm joining the adorable Lisa Leonard for her "Hello Monday" link-up.

Hello, post-Mother's Day glow.

I really did have the most wonderfully simple Mother's Day.
Doughnuts, juice, and coffee in bed.
Two beautiful new charms with the kids' birthstones for my Chamilia bracelet.
Early service at church.
All day digging in the dirt.
Hotdogs and ice-cream at a local shop for dinner.
And finally, a new episode of Sherlock on PBS. 

It was a weekend filled with flowers.
Hello, lilacs and roses.
You are a gorgeous mixture of sweetness and sophistication.

Hello, mulching, and planting, and transplanting, and weeding.

I have blisters and sore muscles today, but it's totally worth it!

 Hello, cute girl showing off her muscles and awesome mulching-skills.

 I still need to get all the annuals planted in the containers and window box, but the big jobs are all finished.

Hello, finding beauty in small things.

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Master Bedroom Idea Boards

~Confession Time~

Everyone's house has a dumping ground, right? 

{And if you don't, please don't tell me. Just nod and smile.}

That secret corner, junk drawer, or out-of-the-way closet 
where you can unload miscellaneous household items...

Well, mine is the master bedroom.

It has been neglected since the day we moved in.
The kids' rooms are cute and organized {or they were, at one point}.
The kitchen is remodeled and up-to-date.
Every room but mine has gotten some love.

The master bedroom is the catch-all for all manner of flotsam and jetsam.
Outgrown clothes, destined for eBay, 
various knick-knacks, a homeless mirror.
The ironing board remains set up in the corner. 
all. the. time.
And since I'm being honest... it usually has a mountain of laundry piled on it, 
rendering it useless for ironing... so I just don't iron.

But I can wait no longer.

The master bedroom makeover planning has commenced.
I've finally broken down and semi-learned how to use Polyvore, 
so I put together some inspiration boards

I've got several ideas, but I like them all equally and can't decide.
Chris is no help. 
So I'm turning to you, internet.

The major elements are all the same... but I can't pick a wall and bedding color combo.

Tobacco Road (by Duron) with the blue toile
or Flax (by Restoration Hardware) with the brown toile?

Version 1:

Version 2:

Help a girl out!
I'd love to hear your opinions!

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What I Wore: The Graduation Edition

Hello, and welcome again to another edition of What I Wore!

Now, you may be asking yourself, "Why, exactly, does this woman document her clothing choices?"
Trust me, you are not alone in this question. My husband asks me the same thing every week.
I do it for two reasons: 
because it helps keep me motivated to get out of my sweats and pjs, 
and because it helps me see what worked, and what didn't. 
{See outfit #1 in this post for a demonstration of what didn't work. Yikes}. 

Ok, in theory this is a fine outfit for a lazy day. It's comfy. It's safe. 
But for some reason, I was compelled to turn my jeans into pseudo-capris. 
And it just looks weird. Note to self: invest in capris.

Cardi: Target
Cami: Shade Clothing {I wear these camis under everything}
Jeans: Silver {My favorites}

It was a banner week here in the Ruhl household. 
On Saturday, I received a Master's degree in English, 
with an emphasis on Teaching English as a Second Language.

I can't say that the traditional gown, hood, and mortarboard cap are exactly flattering; 
Trying to get a decent family photo is always challenging,
 but I thought we had succeeded with this one. 
That is, until I noticed Hunter's crossed eyes.
{Note: his eyes are not actually crossed. He's just a brat} 
He did that in every single picture, the whole day. Charming child.

So here's what I wore underneath the polyester tent:
I wanted to be comfortable, as it was going to be a long day, and this dress fit the bill perfectly.
It's a stretchy jersey... but here's the clincher.
It has pockets. 
I was able to easily carry bobby pins to secure my cap and lipgloss to touch up for pictures.
Genius, I tell you.

Dress: Shade Clothing
Cardi and Belt: Target
Shoes and Chunky Pearl Necklace: Macy's
Idiotic Grin: Oh, that's all me, baby.

Finally, here is my first attempt to translate some of my favorite Pinterest outfits to real life.

Scarf: Old Navy
Tee: Old Navy
Cami: Shade Clothing
Jeans: Silver
Flips: Reef {super old, but I love 'em}

I'm going to continue to try and adapt outfits from Pinterest by using things I already have in my closet. 
I'd love to hear what you think of my attempts!
Thanks for stopping by!

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