Thursday, June 28, 2012

Attack of the Project Bug

 Or, Why I Wallpapered My Closet with Scrapbook Paper and Hot Glue

When we redid our bedroom, the first area we tackled was the closet. Like the rest of the room, the closets were overflowing with stuff. Not just clothes; papers, purses, shoes, suitcases, and more were jammed into each of our small closets. So we started with a purge of epic proportions. I wish I would have taken before pictures, but the only thing I documented was this giant pile of scarves, which had been teetering precariously on the top shelf. Every time I wanted to grab a scarf, the entire pile would tip on my head.
Good times.

I hadn't planned on doing anything more than cleaning things out, and organizing a bit. But I was bitten by the project bug. The project bug causes me to do crazy things like turn a quick clean-up into a 4-hour long, half-baked mission to prettify a perfectly acceptable space.
I had purchased some cheap collapsable storage bins at Ikea, and they were put to good use corralling my sweaters, scarves, and bags. But the project bug wouldn't let me stop there. It made me add pretty labels.  And a basket. And some dangly accessories.
And that's when things started to get wild.

I thought to myself, "This looks nice. How can I make it look nicer?"
My answer: scrapbook paper and hot glue.
{By the way, scrapbook paper and hot glue are the answer to many of life's persistent questions. 
True story.}

So, I wallpapered my closet with scrapbook paper and hot glue. 
Obviously, I jumped into this project without much forethought... and it just kind of snowballed on me.
 I finished the top shelf, and stepped back to assess my progress. The project bug whispered in my ear,
"Not bad. But you can do better."
Who am I to argue with the project bug?
Especially because now that the top shelf looked cute, the rest of the closet was feeling sad and neglected.
See? Poor closet. It was only half dressed.

 There. That's better.
Now my closet is clean, organized, and pretty.
Do you ever get bitten by the project bug? 
What crazy projects has it made you launch into?
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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks- I felt silly even sharing such an (admittedly) un-planned project, but I had fun. And it was a good "what I would do differently" with more time/planning/money experience!

  2. Yes all of the time! your closet is too cute. Neat organized and adorable, what could be better than that?

    1. Thanks, Karen! It's nice to finally be able to find what I need! :)

  3. I love the idea of scrapbook paper and hot glue, so simple and easy (my kind of project)

    1. Lol, thanks Laurie Ann! I'm all about the easy projects! ;-)

  4. I think this is such a fun idea! Scrapbook paper and hot favorite materials :)

    Thanks for the inspiration!


    1. Thanks, Karianne! It's an improvement over what it used to look like, that's for sure! I love that it provides a cheap, fast way to "prettify" my space!

  5. Maybe I was bitten by the same bug. My project turned into custom upholstery in my car with leopard print fabric. I like your how your closet turned out! Love Auntie

    1. Now that I've got to see! I'm firmly of the opinion that everything looks better with a little leopard!

  6. What a closet any gal would love to get ready in! I need to get bitten - my closet could use some perking up!

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