Thursday, June 21, 2012

Love Is Sweet, but 60 Years of Marriage is Sweeter

Love is sweet; any newlywed will tell you that.
Marriage, however (especially a long one), can often blend the bitter right in with the sweet.
So reaching a milestone like your 60th anniversary is something worth celebrating.
And on June 10th, that's just what we did as my grandparents celebrated their Diamond Anniversary.
{Aren't they gorgeous?}

My aunt did an amazing job organizing the party, which was held at my grandparents' farm. Thankfully, the weather cooperated and we were able to be outside for the most part. But we set up the food inside where it would be safe from rain and bugs.
I was in charge of dessert... my favorite part of any meal.
Cupcakes are fun and easy to eat, an important consideration for a garden party. Plus, they make for a pretty display with the help of some gorgeous flowers, a vintage tablecloth, and an array of milk glass and silver serving pieces.
 I wish I could take credit for them, but since we needed so many, I ordered the cupcakes from a local specialty bakery. We had a variety of cupcakes (Vanilla Bean, Almond Raspberry, Kahlua, Lemon, Pink Champagne, and Red Velvet), and one 10" cake made just for my grandparents.
{If you're in central Minnesota, I highly recommend Icing Dreams. They are amazing.}
I panicked the night before the party, though, and thought we wouldn't have enough. So I made two dozen chocolate cupcakes with swiss vanilla buttercream. You know, just in case I accidentally ate a half dozen cupcakes on the long drive over to the farm. 
Not that that happened. Nope. Definitely not.
I also made fancy labels, a mini-bunting, and little cupcake toppers to decorate all the deliciousness.
{Tip: Reality TV makes playing in the background makes late-night crafting much more fun.}

Unfortunately, Chris was working and couldn't be there, but the kids and I had a blast.
Here we are with the guests of honor (seated), and my dad and stepmom. 
It was a wonderful party (Hunter described it as "the best party ever!") and we had so much fun seeing everyone.
All in all, the diamond anniversary was a gem of a day.



  1. Congrats to your grandparents. Love the family photo. My grandparents were married for a long time like that. Some people thought they had it easy and a perfect marriage, but they went through hell sometimes. They just stuck it out and loved each other till the very end. Your grandparents seem really sweet.

    1. Thanks, and yes... my grandparents are sweet as can be. What you said is so true~ there's bound to be ups and downs in any relationship that spans more than half a century. It takes a lot of strength and laughter to make it through. Their marriage is a great example for my own.

  2. So sweet! What a beautiful way to honor your Grandparents! 60 years! Domestic Fringe is right,I wish more people stuck it out and loved each other till the very end. Happy Thursday!!

    1. Thanks, Shelby. Having been married for "only" 13 years myself, 60 seems like an amazing number. It was a fun day, and I felt blessed to share it with them!


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