Friday, July 13, 2012

Front Hall and Gallery Wall

First impressions: they're important. 
Which is why I wanted my front hall to make a good one.
After we moved in, I concentrated on the big things and neglected this space, despite the fact that it's the first thing guests see when they come in the door.
I finally got around to freshening it up a bit and injecting some personality.
What better way to personalize a space than a gallery wall {or two}?

This is the view from our front door; stairs on the right, living room on the left. kitchen dead ahead.

My approach to a gallery wall is pretty haphazard. I'm not one of those people with the patience for measuring or making a paper grid. That would take time, planning, and forethought; not really my strong points. I just eyeball it till it looks good and go from there. If that means I pound a few extra nails into the wall, so be it. Of course, it also usually means that I spend more time fixing my mistakes than it ever would have taken if I'd planned properly in the first place. But we'll just ignore that, shall we?
Good. Moving on.

 I have a pretty eclectic mix of photos and accessories on display, but the black frames help it all to feel cohesive.

 The "417" represents our wedding anniversary, April 17th.

 I broke the glass and back in this rectangular frame, so I rigged up some clips and twine. 
{Look at that chubby baby down there ~ Hunter at two weeks old!}

I also used scrapbook paper and burlap to add interest and texture.

The man in the moon mirror used to hang in Hunter's room. I think it was a pastel blue at one point, but I spray painted it black to coordinate with the rest of the frames. 

 Each of these photos bring back so many memories. Like the one of Caitlin, above.
She loves her baby doll and used to never leave home without her. Our neighbor snapped this one at a local parade; while other kids scrambled for candy, Caitlin cradled here baby the whole time.

I consider this part of the front hall, though it borders the living room.
It's just inside the front door.
And no, I didn't spell "rules" wrong, it's a play on our last name.

The door to the left is a coat closet; the kids currently use its door as a bulletin board. It's full of notices about missing toys and advertisements for Caitlin's {future} veterinary practice.
Sam guards the front door to make absolutely sure you don't go outside without him.

Looking back from the kitchen.

Our front hall and gallery wall {hopefully} feel warm and welcoming for our visitors. I hope it also reflects the feeling of our entire home; casual, eclectic, and with lots of personality. 
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  1. Love Love Love your enrtyway!! Very nice!!

    1. Thanks Andrea! I need some pics of Gavin and Drew to make it complete! Oh, and a gorgeous engagement picture too!

  2. I love it Jessie!!!!!!!!!! I've been collecting 'black frames' for a couple years now ... some day I'll get them put into action! lol! Your entry is beautiful ~ think I'll stop by for a 'spot o' tea' ......... Happy Weekend!


    1. I'll put the kettle on, Cheryl! Any time you're in this neck of the woods, we would love to see you! :)

  3. Your home is warm and beautiful. We always feel welcome, (and well fed there).

  4. It's Party Time over at Debt Free Mommy Blog and you are invited! Please come link up anything related to making your space better at and mark your calendars for every Making Space Mondays linky party. Hope to see you there! -Tabitha

  5. I love the way you mixed up the frames and matting in your photos. Love that twine and clippy solution!


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