Monday, August 6, 2012

A Little Bedroom Update

You may remember from way back in this post that I mentioned a monogram I had ordered from Etsy. Well, I've finally gotten around to painting and hanging it.
Ain't it pretty? I ordered it from Southern Nest, and couldn't be happier. They were great to work with.

I love me some monograms, and I had been lusting after one like this ever since I saw it gracing the holiday door of Ms. Holly Mathis.

And then The Nester got one too.
When two of my blog-idols had these swirly-curly beauties, I knew this was a bandwagon I needed to jump on.

I have a feeling my monogram will move around the house a lot over the coming months, but for now it is happily ensconced above the bed, where it performs the dual purpose of looking pretty and reminding us which side of the bed we should sleep on. 
Definitely a win-win. 


  1. I love monograms too. These ones are great!

  2. wow the power of suggestion...I totally want one now! I can see one on my front door AND over my bed! haha!

  3. I love it. Looks so pretty in there.

  4. That looks so good and shame on you because now I think I need one lol! You really did do a great job!

  5. I missed this update until just now when I was looking at your WIWW .....and I love the monogram too! Awesome! I like your comment ..."reminding you which side of the bed to sleep on"!! love it ..and p.s. ...wish my bedroom was that clean!!!!!!!! just me!


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