Thursday, August 23, 2012

Lingering Over a Sweet Little Girl Bedroom

Once upon a time, my daughter was a girly-girl.
She was all about the princesses, the pink, the froufrou.
{This picture slays me. Was she really this little?!}
But, now, not so much.
Gone is the pink. Gone is the tiara. Gone are the ballet slippers
Gone is the little girl.
In her place is an athletic, confident, book-lovin' tween. 
The little girl's not all gone, though.
Caitlin has grown up faster than her bedroom has.
Like many girls her age, Caitlin still teeters between the worlds of childhood and teen-dom, but her bedroom still looks kind of little-girl. This was emphasized on a recent Saturday, when we cleaned out and organized her room.
We got rid of lots of old toys, but she was unwilling to part with many of her beloved stuffed animals and dolls.
The once-loved pink is still very much in evidence.
I snapped a few photos to commemorate not only this rare state of cleanliness, but to capture the last glimpses of her little-girlhood. {Like the Dora waste bin peeking out from behind the desk!}
Soon, we will be updating her room with curtains, bedding, and paint more suited to her current style.
{Stay tuned for a tween bedroom Pinspiration post!}
But for the moment, the pinky-sweet girlishness remains.
And I'm okay with that... even if she's not!

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  1. This room is so cute! i love the curtain for the closet i am thinking about doing the same in my daughters room. i also love the butterflies and C's on the wall. Can't wait to see what you have in store next!

    1. Thanks, Kate! I love the shabby~chic little girl look, but she is all about bright, bold colors. It's going to be interesting to see where we end up!

  2. Oh, I know how you feel. The other day I sent my daughter to go clean her room and she brought down a trash bag full of toys, dolls, and stuffed animals. She said she had outgrown them and asked if she could bring them down to a little neighbor girl. I almost cried. For reals. How did that happen?

    Your daughter's room is beautiful. Can't wait to see the tween update. It's hard watching them grow up all of a sudden.

    1. I know I had a much harder time getting rid of stuff than she did! They grow up way too fast. :)


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