Friday, August 17, 2012

Pinspiration Friday

The last part of this week has been frustrating, at best. 
The kids are quarrelsome and whiny.
My internet connection is sketchy and unreliable which means I am going to have to spend hours  on the phone with some IT guy.
My garage sale was a bomb, and it was entirely my own fault.
I thought I could save a bit of $$ by only advertising on Craigslist.
Not so much.
Lesson learned: I'll be giving it another try next week, with a proper ad in the local paper.
Long story, short: I could use a little pick me up.
So it's time for another edition of Pinspiration Friday, where I share some of my favorite eye-candy from the previous weeks.
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From my style Pinboard~
I love this color combo; it's so cheerful.
But I'm also lovin' all the fall outfits that have been cropping up.
Look for copycat versions of these two in upcoming WIWWs.
And speaking of fall, I love fall recipes and comfort food.
Finally, just for the sake of some pretty, here are some of my favorite living room spaces:
Source: via Jessica on Pinterest
I feel better just from soaking up all the positive Pinterest energy. 
What are some of your favorite pins? I'd love to see them! 
Comment with a link to your Pinboards!
Have a great weekend!


  1. I am so sorry to hear about your hard week. Next week will definitely be better! I love your pins, especially the two outfits and the last living room pin (that actually looks a lot like my living room!). Hope you are able to have a relaxing and fun weekend!

    1. Thanks, Andrea! I just needed to indulge in a bit of comfort food (PW's meatloaf and mashed potatoes, yum!). Everything looks brighter after a good dinner! ;-)
      Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Sorry, you had a rough week, it will just make you appreciate the next good one you have even more! Can't wait to see you copycat outfits! Have a nice weekend.

    1. Hi Kate! Sorry for the little pity-party, lol. First-world problems, right? Anyhoo, thanks for your sweet words and encouragement! Have a great weekend!

  3. yuck, sorry it was a rough week. But hey if you need more garage sale stuff (and a super fun helper!) we haven't been able to get one together because my friend traveled to China for her adoption way earlier than expected.

    Hope the weekend perks up for you!

    1. Thanks, Becky! Careful with your volunteering, I might just take you up on it! Gimme a call if you want to throw some stuff in with ours. I'm thinking next Thursday and Friday. We're going up north on Saturday. LMK!

  4. Hang in there...things can only get better!

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  6. I keep seeing your WIWW posts on The Pleated Poppy...Love them!!! Hope next week is a better one for you!!! Happy Saturday :)

  7. Hi Jessie. Hope this week turns out better. I just found your blog through The Pleated Poppy - I love it! You have such cute style. I seriously need to start a WIWW post, I just don't have a good spot to take pix of myself and would feel silly have my hubby take them. haha Stop by my blog sometime and say hi. This summer I have be terrible at posting, but as soon as school starts back I'm going to be posting regularly. Fridays I do a fashion post - Frivolous Fashion Friday. You would love it! Check it out. =)

    ~ Catie

    BTW, I'm your newest GFC follower and I followed you of FB too!

    1. Hi, Catie! Thanks so much for stopping by! I will definitely check out your blog. I love finding fun new ones to read, and "Frivolous Fashion" is right up my alley! ;)


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