Monday, September 17, 2012

Fall Dining Room and a Simple Fall Tablescape

Oh, autumn, how I love thee. Your warm, toasty colors. Your delicious scents. The feeling of coziness you lend the atmosphere. As the temperature drops, I am compelled to cook and entertain; therefore, my dining room was one of the first areas of our home to get the full fall-treatment.
Since it was all spiffed up, I thought this would be a good time to give you a peek at our dining area/homeschool classroom.
That's right. Our dining room is also our school room. So as much as I would have liked to create an elaborate autumnal tablescape, it just wasn't in the cards.
So I give you:
My {Ridiculously Simple} Fall Tablescape
Ahem. It's not so much a tablescape as it is table-scraps! But it's pretty, easy to move, and the pumpkin candles smell amazing.
The mantel, the buffet, the chandelier, the table all got some fall-lovin'... no surface is safe from my seasonal decorating.
 The buffet and the hutch are from this amazing local shop, Ramshackled Treasures. Chris and the kids got them for me on Mother's Day two years ago and I just love them.
  Our little built-in desk area has housed various appliances and electronics over the years. It's currently the home of the microwave, but it's held a coffee station, a laptop, land-line phones, and who knows what else. Check back in a month, and there's a good chance it will look different!
{For perspective's sake- this area is sandwiched in-between the fireplace and the fridge.}
 Here's a sneak-peek at our Halloween-themed mantel. Later this week, I'll give the details for it and for our harvest-themed mantel in the living room, so be sure and check back.

 I'll be linking up at The Lettered Cottage.

Thanks for stopping by and happy fall!


  1. just what I needed before bedtime .... a 'dream and differ fix' ...and fall-themed to top it off ... thanks for sharing jessie's all beeee-u-tiful! (my fall decorations have grown over the years ... it's second in line to christmas..) ...just me! xox

    1. Same here! I love fall decor but Hunter wants more scary Halloween stuff! He keeps telling me that pumpkins aren't scary enough!

  2. It is gorgeous...I am really in the mood for some Fall decorating! Have a good week:)

  3. looks great! i love the hutch, the color is beautiful!!

    1. Thanks, Kate! It is great storage, too. You wouldn't believe all the stuff I cram in there!

  4. What a beautiful home you have! and I love your 'table scraps'!

  5. I love it! Your house is adorable, very warm and inviting.


  6. your house is adorable...I love all of your fall goodies!

  7. Looks great! I can't wait to decorate for fall. I'm a bit behind because I really want to paint my living room first. Hubby feels differently! Ha!

  8. Love, Love, Love. It looks great!


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