Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What I Wore Randoms

It's Wednesday again, time for another round of What I Wore! I'll be linking up with Lindsey at The Pleated Poppy. 
pleated poppy
Hunter has been taking my pictures lately and, as a lefty, he has hard time holding the camera straight. So please excuse us if it seems that I am listing a bit to the port side.

What do you think- should I have a belt on with this outfit? The tunic thing is super comfy, but that is probably because it is the same shape as my nightgown.
Scarf, tunic/dress, jeans: Old Navy
Flats: Target

I like to call this my pseudo-Ralph Lauren-equestrian look. I do love Ralph. Just can't afford to wear his stuff!
Vest, sweater: Lands End
Jeans: Old Navy
Boots: Keen

I've got about thirty shades of gray going on in this outfit. Maybe that is because more than half of my closet is composed of gray clothing. Especially sweaters. I buy gray sweaters and white t-shirts compulsively. It's an addiction. I'm looking for a good 12-step program.
Jeans: Same ones I wore all week. Until I saw these  pictures, I didn't even notice! I'd like to tell you I washed them in between wearings... but that would be a little white big fat lie.
Sweater, scarf, tank: Old Navy
Shoes: Target

Chris took this one before church on Sunday. It's hard to tell, but my shoes and earrings are the exact same shade as the top. Throw in the coordinating scarf and I'm in match-y heaven!
Everything but the shoes: Banana Republic
Shoes: Target
A better shot of the pretty amethyst earrings. For some reason I grew up thinking the only gem I could wear was my own birthstone {garnet, which I do really like}, but I always wished my birth stone was an amethyst. I just think they are so pretty. I finally realized that a) I impose weird rules on myself and b) I can wear whatever color gemstone I like. 
So, after that needlessly long explanation, that is why I am so jazzed about wearing these earrings.
So, to sum this week up, we've got:
*My kid takes crooked pictures.
* I wear the same pants all week.
*I love amethysts. And also matching.
*I might need a belt.
*And I suffer from a monochromatic clothing addiction.
If you made it through this random post.. bless your heart and Happy Wednesday!


  1. Love your outfit posts, you've got great style! I've been checking in for a few weeks, since one of your previous WIWW posts linked up over at PP. Am so jealous because it's already layer weather there! I'm in the deep south, still in the low 80's here!

    I'll be posting at PP as well...
    My first WIWW:

  2. I love each of these outfits! They are the perfect combination of casual and put together! I really love the bold pops of orange in your first picture.

    <3 Daryl
    Roots, Wings & Other Things
    Lovely Fall Home Decor Giveaway!

  3. I love all your outfits. I think its time I get out my scarfs!

  4. You crack me up! Love the gray, if you find a good program, sign me up too! Love the tunic, no belt needed! I just wrote about my kids taking my pics too! Have a great week!

  5. You're funny.

    I loved your tunic outfit. I am bad with belts, so I don't know if actually need one, but I think it's really cute as is, especially with the orange shoes.

    You also rock the Ralph-like outfit. Seriously. Looks fabulous.

    My birthstone is Amethyst. Don't be jealous. ;-)

  6. Love your outfits! I think they're so cute...and I too sometimes go too long in between washing jeans and don't even realize it : )

  7. Love yoiur outfits. I visit you every week to see what outfits you put together. It would look great with a belt,but it also looks great without one too.

  8. Oh Jess ....thanks for the humor ...love your 'rambling' .... !! you look g r e a t as always!!! just me!

  9. My husband takes my pictures and I will have to say there is a learning curve. I find the angled picture kind of artistic, lol. I found you over at What I Wore Wednesday and now following you. Come and check me out at http://theserenasaga.blogspot.com


  10. They are all cute! I am jealous...I want to wear my fall clothes SO BADLY but it has still been 80 degrees here in NC. I can't stand it. Next weekend it's supposed to get up to 85 again and it is OCTOBER. I also suffer from monochromatic clothes addiction. :-)I get stuck on one color and buy everything in that color. I've been trying to avoid that. I have so many blue shirts its not even funny. I also have a habit of sticking to two colors per outfit, so I've been trying to go outside the box and incorporate random "pop" colors. Sorry this comment is a memoir. :-) I just love playing with fashion and colors!


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