Thursday, October 25, 2012

Living Room Tour

I've had these pictures ready and waiting to share for some time, but what with the craziness of 31 Days of Comfort Food, I haven't gotten around to it till now. When I switched out the mantels for fall we also rearranged our living room in preparation for Christmas. That is not as crazy of a jump as it sounds. I just figured since I was making a bit of a mess with the mantel, I might as well make a really big mess and redecorange. 

In a few months, our Christmas tree will go in front of this window.
 I am so ashamed of this filthy window. But not so ashamed that I cleaned it before taking pictures, apparently. Not to worry, it has been cleaned in the days since. And in a year or so, I'm sure I'll clean it again. 

This is the view from our front hall. 
It's funny how seeing a picture of a room I'm in every day can give me a totally different view of it. I realize now that there is a whole lotta red going on, what with the curtains, the afghan, and all the little extra touches of red. I like red, but sheesh!
The afghan helps to cover the back of our very worn out couch. Our couch and love-seat are in such rough shape, but they will have to do for the foreseeable future. If I could afford it, I would love to get a lovely leather couch and some cushy armchairs. And replace the carpet with hardwood, but that's another story altogether.

After years of cramming every book I owned into this one shelf, I finally edited it and just kept out some of our family favorites. It looks nicer, and it is easier to find what I'm looking for.

We've had our family computer in many different areas of our house: the kitchen, the family room, the bedroom. For now, I like it in here, even though it's a tight squeeze. I can monitor the kids' use and I can still be available to them when I'm on the computer too.

This clock hasn't worked in years, but I can't bring myself to get rid of it. I just move the hands periodically so it feels like time is passing.

Our see-through fireplace is, unfortunately, nonfunctional. We just fill it with candles and pretend there's a roaring fire. 

It's been several weeks since I took these pictures and already the living room looks different. And by different, I mean much, much messier. 
The window looks pretty much the same though.
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  1. What a cozy looking living room! Your mantle looks beautiful!!! I love all the decorations on it! I wish I had a fireplace too!

  2. I love your living room Jessie! It's soo homey and cozy, just how I like it. And I don't think there's too much red. It's a great accent color.

  3. Isn't washing windows just the most frustrating chore? I do the inside, then the outside, then the inside again...they are never perfect.

    Your room is just lovely! I love the pops of is really cozy and inviting. :) Enjoyed your post

  4. Looks so pretty... Would love for you to join me at for Welcome Home Wednesday!!! Thanks Debbie

  5. look the room and i have clocks that do not work all over my home and one that do. ang

  6. Beautiful,I LOVE the red. It looks so cozy and welcoming!

  7. Hi! Visiting from Finding Fabulous and love your livingroom, I don't think you have to much red either, I think it is just cozy:)
    I'm your newest follower, stop by when you have the time:)


  8. Your living room is just lovely! AND I love how you get real about your afghan covering a worn spot...I have a chaise lounge in my living room with a throw cover on it covering a spot that the dog ate a few years ago :)

    As to the red ? It's a nice touch and some people swoon over red...I can think of Brenda over at Cozy Little House for one, and Carolyn at Chenille Cottage. Currently my living room is lightened up but about two years ago I had alot of red and gold going on...I am thinking of going back to it for the winter months. I still have the curtains, throws, etc...but I think the throw rugs were wearing out and that is why I switched in the spring.

    ANYWAY love your living room space! :) You have nice red accents / not too much at all ! :)

  9. I love your living room! It really does look very cozy. I love those red curtains (red is my favorite color).


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