Wednesday, October 31, 2012

What I Wore: The Turtleneck Edition

Way back when I first started participating in WIWW at The Pleated Poppy, I wrote about my love of cardigans. But if there's one thing I love more than a good cardi, it's a good turtleneck. I live in these things. All. Winter. Long. 
I am the world's biggest freeze-baby, and dress accordingly. I have been known to layer a scarf over my turtleneck. Occasionally, I even throw on a cardi and/or vest over my turtleneck, with my scarf. 
I call it "bag-lady-chic."

The proof is in the pudding, as they say. Check it out:

My librarian look.
Turtleneck and scarf: Lands End
Jeans: Target
Cami: Shade Clothing
Shoes: El Naturalista

Vest: Columbia
Turtleneck: Lands End
Scarf: Macy's {I think, it's really old.}
Jeans: Lucky Brand
Shoes: Pr!vo

Turtleneck: Lands End
Scarf: Target
Vest: The North Face
Jeans: Lucky Brand
Boots: Uggs

 It was Reformation Sunday this week for us Lutherans, so our congregation wore red as part of the celebration. This much red is normally outside my comfort zone, but I ended up really liking it.
Turtleneck dress: Lands End
Tights, belt: Target
Boots: Keen

 I did go sans turtleneck one day this week, but I made sure to pile on the layers anyway. I still felt decidedly chilly all day, though.
Cardi, scarf: Old Navy
Tee: Target
Jeans: Silver

My wardrobe is pretty unimaginative. I stick with my warm, comfy basics- jeans, sweaters- but try to add interest with accessories- scarves, earrings, pins. Turtlenecks are a big part of my winter uniform, so you'll be seeing a lot of them in the coming months!
Do you have a winter uniform?


  1. I love turtlenecks too, and all your scarves are beautiful! I loove that red dress! :) Visiting from wiww!

  2. I wear many turtlenecks as well. It gets very cold here in PA. I love the dress. I have a black one that I wear all winter long. I think people at church think I only own a few dresses! Have a great week. ~liz

  3. That. Red. Dress. Is. Fabulous. Found you on WIWW.

  4. LOVE THE RED DRESS!! I live in turtlenecks too, I hate being cold! Can I get an Amen that it's the last day of October!!

  5. love all your turtlenecks too! How sweet- are those your kids growth marks on the wall behind you? We did that too!

  6. I am also a big fan of turtlenecks! I absolutely LOVE the red dress!!!

    Stop by sometime!

  7. You look so hot in that red dress! I'm thinking red might be your color!


  8. Love it all! I'm rocking a signature look of yours with my turtleneck & vest and couldn't be warmer or more comfortable! I'm thinking that red dress might have to be mine for this winter. . . . .

  9. Love your scarves and that red dress looks fabulous on you!!

    I'm making a grocery list right now, so I'm browsing through all your recipes again. :-)


  10. The red dress is awesome on your ideas! Please keep posting WIWW's.
    -Nikki (or Always Cold in California)

  11. Thanks for sharing, Jess and they look great on you :)

    I had an early hate/really hate relationship with shirts or sweaters with collars higher than a mock or crewneck, but skivvies ( the cotton turtleneck shirt kind, not American for undies ) were part of my primary school uniform and I had a mother who was paranoid I'd either die from hypothermia or catch one of those " kill you within a week " type colds when the daytime temperature dropped below 20 degrees celcius ( 68F ), so from Autumn through to Spring, I had to tolerate neck hugging collars.

    ...but as I grew into my teens and then 20s, I'd gradually changed my mind and apart from them being instantly gratifying when pulled on a frosty morning or a cold evening, I love how they look on me too and are great for layering or wearing a chunkier one unlayered with jeans.

    Cee :)

  12. Hi!

    I LOVE your turtleneck photos with the glasses and would like to know if you accept any turtleneck outfit ideas, because I have one that I think you'll like! Please let me know!


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