Friday, November 2, 2012

A Halloween Retrospective

Like all kids, mine love Halloween, though it makes for a torturous long day of waiting for dusk and trick-or-treating. Having Halloween fall on a Wednesday this year made the day seem even longer. Hunter, at least, got to dress up for homeschool and do some fun things, but Caitlin just had a regular ol' school day. Poor deprived child! 
The kids and Chris carved pumpkins earlier in the week. I was conveniently busy during this little project, as I hate touching pumpkin "guts."
We made up for Caitlin's boring Halloween day with a really fun evening.
The kids each had a friend over for dinner and trick-or-treating. Dinner was jack-o-lantern pizza and other similarly healthy delicacies.

 This year, Caitlin was Sherlock Holmes and Hunter was a bandit. I loved that they both chose easy costumes, consisting mostly of stuff we already had around the house. 

This is last year (2011), when Caitlin was Laura Ingalls and Hunter was an astronaut.

In 2010, they both donned the arraignment of medieval royalty. Obviously, Renaissance princesses wore Under Armor long-johns to keep them warm in those chilly stone castles!

I think this photo is from 2008. The kids were Harry Potter and Hermione Granger for two years in a row. We got our money's worth out of those costumes. In fact, they still wear them for pretend play on a regular basis.
Sigh. When did they get so big?! 
Looking back at these pictures just emphasizes how quickly the years go by.
Off to squeeze my babies and take down the Halloween decorations.
Time to get ready for Christmas Thanksgiving!
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  1. love the look back! Our Halloween was so crazy, I barely even got a pick!

  2. Love your kids outfits through the years!

    I'm pizza tonight and I might steal your pizza face idea. Too fun!

  3. Love your pizza Halloween feast. If we do anything with pumpkins we paint them...I'm not dealing with the guts...ew.
    Their costumes are really wonderful. Love Harry and Hermonie. I want my boys to go as Ron and Malfoy one year...since I have a blonde and a red head. :o)


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