Wednesday, December 12, 2012

DIY Silhouette Ornaments

I love silhouettes; they are classic, simple, and eye-catching. They add a graphic pop to a wall gallery, and they look perfect on a Christmas tree. I pinned this image a while back and knew I wanted to do something similar on my own tree this year.

Source: via Jessica on Pinterest

But I didn't want to spend a bunch of time cutting out profiles or a bunch of money on supplies.
 As with most of my ideas, I didn't do a whole lot of planning or leave myself very much time. I did manage to "MacGyver" up an easy solution, though.

I thought about taking pictures of my family and trying to edit them into a silhouette. There are lots of good tutorials out there if you want a more personalized ornament. But, as I said, my time and and ambition were running short. A quick google search provided me with some generic silhouettes. The Victorian ladies can be found here, and the rest are compliments of The Graphics Fairy.

First, I printed them out in the size I wanted on some pearlized card stock.
I trimmed them in various shapes using household items as templates. The reindeer happens to have the exact proportions of an iPhone. I also cut out a slightly bigger piece for backing in a contrasting color or pattern.

Now hold on, because this is where it gets complicated.
You affix the silhouette to the back. I know~ rocket science, right?
I used glue dots, but any old adhesive will do.

Check out my classy manicure. Glittery nail polish is my one weakness.
Finish up by punching a hole in the top and tying a loop with some twine or pretty ribbon.

I think I should invent a back-story for these people since they are on display in my living room. The lady in the middle? She's my great-great aunt Olga, who came over from Oslo. The curly-haired imp in the corner? He's my second cousin on my mother's side. The reindeer? 
Their Santa's. 

There you go, easy as 1~2~3 and you've got not only some easy silhouette ornaments, but an invented family tree to go along with them.
Merry Christmas!


  1. Those are really cute. Great idea!

    1. Thanks! They were fun to make, but even more fun now that I've started naming them! {And yes, I am easily entertained.} ;)

  2. cute and love how easy it is! Maybe next year when I have my own fancy tree!

  3. Wow, so easy! Yet soooo fancy! I'm totally trying this next year!


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