Sunday, December 16, 2012

Joy Amidst the Tears

My youngest sister had a baby boy on Friday morning. Delivered via emergency C-section, he was nearly a month early. But he is healthy and my sister is doing fine.
Our family rejoiced in new life; so many others mourned a terrible loss.

I hesitated to even write about the tragic events that took place in Connecticut on Friday. What could I say that hasn't been said before? How could I express the pain and horror I felt watching that day's events unfold? 

My thoughts and prayers are with the families and with the community of Newtown.
Those words seem so trite in the face of a tragedy like this, but they are the simple truth. We are all trying to articulate our sympathy and solidarity. Whether it is through blog posts, Facebook messages, candlelight vigils, flowers, memorials, or any number of other ways, people across the country are reaching out to those affected to try and show the depth of our feeling. 
We are sending our deepest sympathies.

Amidst the endless news reports, I heard that some people were taking down their Christmas decorations as an expression of sympathy. I understand the sentiment, but it made me sad.
It would be so easy to give in to fear and despair, to feel hopeless in the face of such evil.
But in this dark time, we should embrace Christmas- a celebration of light, hope, and life- and all its beauty.

Melissa at 320 Sycamore shared this quote and I wanted to pass it on.
The words offer light during dark days.

God bless Newtown.


  1. I agree we should embrace Christmas.

  2. What a beautiful poem.

    Congrats on your new nephew. I am glad he and your sister are doing well.

  3. I always like to check in on your WIWW posts! we have similiar tastes...
    Casting Crowns sings a beautiful version of this song that the poem is from:)
    Merry Christmas!
    Leanne in Indiana

    1. Hi Leanne, I haven't done a WIWW post in a few weeks. Life has gotten extra-busy and I keep forgetting to take pictures or {let's be honest} get dressed at all! Thanks so much for sharing this version of the song. I hadn't heard it before and it's beautiful! Merry Christmas!

  4. oops...I meant to send the link:


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