Sunday, December 2, 2012

Tartan Apple Mantel

This year, my kitchen mantel was inspired by two of my favorite holiday things: tartan and apples. More specifically, a Christmas carol about apples... actually it's not about apples at all, but it does have the word apples in the title. And I like apples. And tartan. 
Anyhoo, I was a chamber choir geek in high school and I always loved the song "Jesus Christ, the Apple Tree." The tune, the lyrics, the imagery... and the fact that it is obscure enough that I don't hear it over and over again on the radio! 
Just close your eyes and have a listen.
Heavenly isn't it?
Click here for a link to the lyrics, the first verse of which I featured on my chalkboard. 
I have been loving all the chalk art on Pinterest and wanted to try my hand at it, so I sketched out a plan first and then used chalk markers for extra-crisp lettering. It's not perfect, but I was pretty happy with the results.
I found the tartan ribbon at Michael's, but it was the last roll left. I with they had more, I would've bought it all! The wreaths and garland are from Michael's as well. They were just the cheap pine stuff, but I fluffed them up with berries, apples, pine cones, and lots of the prettier pine pieces I hoard at home. I worked as a florist for years, so I have a pretty extensive collection of scrap foliage. It comes in handy!

I've had the kitchen mantel done for a week, but haven't finished the living room yet (including the tree, poor naked thing is just standing there). 
I will share pictures as soon as it's done.
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  1. I love the tartan plaid mixed in your mantel. Thanks so much for joining.

  2. LOVE THIS! How do you do the chalkboard, if it all free hand? What are chalk board markers, do they erase the same?

    1. Thanks Kate! I did it freehand, but I was very inspired by some pins from real chalk artists. I got the chalk markers at Michael's. It's almost like paint, but it washes off with a wet cloth. The kids love playing with them!

  3. So beautiful! I had never heard of that song before!

  4. This is beautiful. Love it! Thanks so much for sharing it on "I Gotta Try That"
    I am following you back!

  5. Wow! So gorgeous. Looks professional...magazine worthy. You chalkboard came out perfect. Love it. Very, very beautiful. You did an amazing job.


  6. Super pretty - you can never go wrong with tartan and chalkboards. Take care, Laura

  7. I really love plaid, it's so homey! Your chalk art looks great, Jean

  8. Looks GREAT! Found you from TLC. Got to get my mantel post up on my blog too!!!


  9. Thanks so much for sharing your spectacular Christmas decorations. Very pretty and romantic. I think this design is perfect for my Makati condominiums where I'm renting today. :)

  10. I think is all looks just perfect. Love the bright red frame with the chalkboard. Thanks for linking up a the Cabin this week:)

  11. So pretty!
    Would love if you stopped by the Holiday Linky Party - mantels - to link it up! The party is happening NOW!
    Stacey of Embracing Change


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