Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tuesday Randoms and Rambling

I feel like I have been crazy-busy lately, but haven't been accomplishing much. I've got a bunch of random photos to share~ some are from my phone and Instagram {you can follow me there at dreamanddiffer}, others are strays that have been building up on my camera. 
Today, they're all getting lumped together in one post of miscellaneous nonsense!

Hunter and I have been hard at work since getting back to school after the holidays. Our biggest motivator: an itemized daily lesson plan. This might seem obvious to a naturally organized person, but for flighty-me, it has been a revelation. Up to recently, I've had a general, long-term idea of what we needed to accomplish, but the day-to-day stuff was pretty loosely outlined. 
Being able to check things off our daily list has been such a great motivator for both of us to stay on track. We are both much happier as a result. 

Speaking of being happier, this kid is one happy fella.
 Last year, when he attended public school, he would go to bed and wake up crying. Not any more. I can see how much more confident and content he is. And when I inevitably second guess our decision to homeschool, I need only remember that to know we did the right thing.

Hockey practice, hockey games, hockey tournaments, and hockey parties continue to dominate our daily schedule. 
Here's the birds-eye-view of what I usually look like while I huddle in the bleachers. 
Boots {with wool socks}, long-johns, wrapped in a blanket, big fuzzy mittens...
and I'm still freezing.

Caitlin and I drove up to the frozen northland for a tournament last weekend, just beating a nasty ice-storm. My vehicle was coated in 1/4" of ice on Saturday morning, but that didn't stop these feisty girls from taking 3rd place in the tourney.

We enjoyed lots of girl-bonding time in between games.
So intent on her Applebee's coloring sheet, that she didn't even notice I was taking her picture. I got a "Heeeeeeeey, Moooooooom!" when she finally looked up!

In between tournaments, games, and crazy work schedules, it seems like I hardly get to see this guy. 
{and his dreamy baby-blues!}

But we managed to take in a {what else?} hockey game together last week. Okay... so the kids were there too, but they were both sitting with friends so we never even saw them. It was almost like a date!

So, to sum it all up: hockey, homeschool, and more hockey.
What have you been up to?


  1. lol. Your dates kinda remind me of my dates, minus the hockey.

    My son has really blue eyes like your husband.

    Glad homeschooling is going well. Nothing like a happy child ready to learn.

  2. Replace basketball for hockey and we could be living the same lives! :)

  3. How on earth do you stay warm at all that hockey activity? We took our students to the indoor ice rink last year where they learned about how the ice was made, blah, blah, blah, and then they got to skate. I froze the whole time and I was wrapped in a blanket. I remember going to my son's soccer games (in January and February many years ago) and zipping myself up in a sleeping beg, all the while fighting pneumonia!

  4. So happy to hear home school is going so well!! Yeah for happy boys! We are going to a college hockey game this weekend...I guess I better wear layers!!


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