Wednesday, February 27, 2013


It's play-off season, so we've been spending a more-than-usual amount of time at the rink. Caitlin's team has continued to do really well, and they brought home some more "hardware" last weekend. {I was informed in no uncertain terms it was not a trophy, it's called hardware!}
I never remember to bring my good camera to the kids' games, so I just grabbed a few quick iphone pictures at the end. I'm always too excited to take pictures during the game anyway!
 Caitlin scored 3 goals and got one assist during her tournament. It is so fun to watch her play. 
 Hunter's daily recess time has been devoted entirely to constructing this snow fort in our front yard. It has been expanded and improved upon multiple times already, and now includes a storeroom {for battle supplies, natch.}, a defensive wall in the front, and a wing for Caitlin to use called "Athena's Cabin." His love of all things related to Percy Jackson and/or Greek mythology is not limited to the classroom!
 It also has an underground hiding area, where Hunter disappears whenever a car ventures down our road. 
 He is quite hidden from view and likes to launch sneak attacks on his unsuspecting sister when she gets home from school.

 Hunter is very proud of his fort, and I often have a hard time luring him back in after recess time is over. It's always, "five more minutes, mom!" when I call for him. 
When he does finally come in, he sheds all his layers and gets to work. And I mean ALL his layers. Does anyone else's kid like to spend all their time in various states of undress, or is it just mine? I find socks, shirts, hoodies, and even pants scattered all over the house. Hunter just prefers the freedom of being sans clothing, apparently. 
Here he is working on a mane for his model of Bucephalus, the trusty steed of Alexander the Great.
That 's what we've been up to lately.
What have you been doing?
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What I Wore This Week

This week was filled to the brim with everyday busy-ness; dentist appointments, hockey practice, soccer practice, a tournament out of town, errands, laundry, teaching, cooking... life. It's crazy, but I'm loving it! In the midst of the chaos, I am ashamed to admit that I often don't get dressed till the afternoon. Hunter and I spend the morning engrossed in our lessons and often reach lunch time before I can squeeze in a shower. I could get up earlier... but, let's be honest, that's probably not gonna happen! Thank goodness for WIWW, as it keeps me motivated to get out of those jammies for at least half the day.

I'll be linking up at The Pleated Poppy.
pleated poppy

Vest- Lands End
Tee- Target
Jeans- Silver
Scarf- Amazon
Shoes- Pr!vo

Sweater, jeans, shoes- Target
Shirt- Boden
Scarf- Old Navy
Petal Pusher- The Pleated Poppy

Sweater- Lands End
Jeans- Silver
Shell- Herberger's (old)
Flats- Target

Vest, sweater- Lands End
Scarf- Old Navy
Jeans- Lucky
Shoes- El Naturalista
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Spring shopping, here I come! ;)

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Spring Mantel Flashback

With February rapidly coming to a close, my mind always turns to spring. Although warm weather is months away, I can't help but gravitate to all things floral and pastel. I was going through some pictures from my pre-blogging days and thought I would share my spring/Easter mantel from last year. 

I like to call this an Easter explosion. 
Apparently, I just dumped every bit of spring-y decor I owned on the kitchen mantel and called it good.
Refined? No.
Subtle? No.
Sophisticated? Definitely not.
But that's okay, because I'm not really any of those things anyway.
It was fun and playful and made me happy, just like the springtime should.

Even Tolkien, my literary lion and guardian of the hearth, did not escape adornment.
 Now I've gotten the bug to dig out the spring decor and come up with something new for this year.
Have you decorated for spring yet?

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Good Books

That's the worst part about a good book, isn't it? It's always over too quickly. When I find a good book, I tend to fly through it, neglecting all else and losing myself in the pages.
If it's a really good book though, I'll read it again and again.

Lately, I've been revisiting a few old favorites, as well as discovering some new ones.
I always have a hard time choosing new books, so I appreciate reliable reviews.
One great source for me has been this blog, Lindsay's Library. Lindsay is a regular WIWW contributor, and that's how I found her blog, but I've become a regular reader of her recommendations.
{Can I get an amen for some awesome alliteration right there?!}
I won't attempt to summarize them, as Lindsay does a great job and you can read her reviews by clicking through.
Among the gems she has led me to are:

Tasha Alexander's "Lady Emily" mysteries.
I love a good series because you always know there's more to look forward to when you finish a book.

Deborah Harness' A Discovery of Witches.
This is the first book in a trilogy, and I am currently on the waiting list at the library for book two. I hate waiting though, and may end up buying it before long!

The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton
This was the first book of Morton's that I've read, but I LOVED it, and am looking forward to reading more of her work.

When I'm between new books, I often revisit old favorites. Sometimes I read the whole thing, but more often, I open it at random and just read a chapter or two. I love the Audiobooks app, as it allows me to listen to my favorite classic books {for free!} while I do other things. I've listened to the complete works of Jane Austen, all the Anne of Green Gables books, and several volumes of Sherlock Holmes stories. Driving, cooking, and getting ready in the morning have never been so enjoyable!

What have you been reading lately?

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

What I Wore

Hey, hey, hey~ it's Wednesday, and I'm joining in the fun at The Pleated Poppy.
pleated poppy
Here's a peek at what I've been wearing over the last week.
I wore this to church for Ash Wednesday services. 
When I saw the picture for this outfit, I realized it would've been cuter with different pants. The denim on these trousers reads almost black. I felt like a lighter color on the bottom would have worked better.
Jacket: J. Crew {thrifted}
Turtleneck: Lands End
Jeans: Target
Shoes: El Naturalista
Flower pin: Claire's

Valentine's Day... I had hoped to wear something a bit dressier, but wasn't feelin' it when I got dressed.
So I went for cute and comfy instead.
Both sweaters: Old Navy
Jeans: Lucky
Pin: Claire's
Shoes: Pr!vo

Sunday: church, hockey, errands, Downton {sob, sob}.
I don't usually rock straight hair; big hair hides split ends and other imperfections much better. Check out the inch of outgrowth at my part if you need proof.
Oy, do I need a color!
Sweater: Lands End
{total mom} Jeans: Target
Necklace: Kohls
Shoes: El Naturalista

Monday/President's Day: got our taxes done, visited with my sister, took kiddos to hockey, and had the day off from homeschool.
Tunic/dress, scarf: Old Navy
Jeggings: NYDJ
Boots: Madden Girl {Macy's}

Monday, February 18, 2013

Instagram Week In Review

Here's a fast, fun look back at what I've been up to this week, courtesy of Instagram.
{Follow me there at "dreamanddiffer"}
I know it's kind of weird to do a "week in review" post on a Monday night, but I'm crazy like that so just roll with it, mkay? 

I found this picture as I scrolled through my feed one night. It had been taken several hours before and bore the simple caption "me."  It would appear I have a mystegrammer on my hands, or maybe an Instabomber. Still working on that!

Valentine's day dominated much of my feed this week, natch.
Chris is so hard to buy gifts for. What do you get the guy who doesn't want anything? Hot sauce themed candy of course. Target always comes through in a pinch.
He also got a fancy dinner and his favorite dessert. 

Caitlin made cute pencil Valentine's for her classmates using the free printable found here.

Hunter and I made Valentine's for the rest of the family too. I love art class!

I made the kids' a special breakfast for Valentine's day. We're normally a cold cereal household during the school week, so this was a treat.

Speaking of treats, we went out for hot cocoa after school.

 And after a yummy dinner of pan-fried ribeyes in a red wine sauce, with stuffed baked potoates and tossed salad{which we ate too fast to take any pictures of!}, we ended the day with a viewing of one of my favorite rom-coms, "Sleepless in Seattle."

 Chris gave me a gift card for a local spa, so on Saturday I got a facial and spa pedicure.

It was lovely~ so relaxing. I could definitely do that on a weekly basis!
I chose OPI's "Aphrodite's Pink Nightie" for my toes. It's a pretty, pale, pearly pink. I think I need to buy a bottle for my own use this summer.

 I made a pineapple upside down cake on Saturday. It totally reminds me of my childhood for some reason. It's kind of a retro dessert.

And we also had a homemade BBQ chicken pizza. You can find the super simple recipe here.

We got our taxes done today. We still go to a lady in our home town to get them done, so we stopped at my sister's house on our way. I spent most of our visit snuggling this little guy, and was blessed with lots of smiles and even a few chuckles. I love his sweet baby smell, and it lingered on my shoulder after we left. I miss that; my kids smell like big people now! 
Hope your week was sweet~ thanks for reading!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Winter Magic

It was a winter night like any other: cold, gray, bleak.
We went to bed expecting more of the same the next day.
But an overnight snowfall created an unexpected winter wonderland.
The light of the "rosy-fingered dawn" crept over the horizon and made everything sparkle.
 It was the kind of snowfall that makes me glad I live here. When even photos obscured by power lines take on a magical quality.
 Because a fairy landscape like this is always short-lived, Hunter and I cancelled our regular morning lessons and played outside instead. 
 Snow angels, snow forts, and nature appreciation were the lessons of the day.
The snow that frosted every branch is gone already, blown off in the wind or melted in the midday sun. 
{Not to worry, though. There's plenty left on the ground.} 
But I'm glad I had the opportunity to enjoy this glimpse of winter magic and share it with my son.