Monday, February 4, 2013

Cookie Time and Other Fun Stuff

It's one of my favorite times of year: Girl-Scout chaos cookie time!
Caitlin is a Junior Girl Scout now, and is working hard to earn her way to horse camp again this summer. As a result, my kitchen has officially become cookie-sorting-central. Cases of cookies, bags awaiting delivery, order forms, and other scouting detritus have taken over most surfaces. 
We managed to shove everything to one end of the table for dinner, but it makes me kind of twitchy to have all this extra stuff in our already cluttered kitchen.
Plus, it is impossible to resist these things! Faced with constant temptation, I have abandoned all pretense of watching what I eat and succumbed completely to the power of the cookie. 
This is my kryptonite: the Caramel deLite {also known as the Samoa}. 
I may have eaten half a box over the weekend.
When I wasn't scarfing down cookies, I was busy cleaning Hunter's bedroom. We cleaned out his closet and desk {no small task considering his hoarding habits}. I left him to finish making his bed and came back to find his collection of stuffed animals {did I mention his hoarding?} neatly arranged. I know his days with stuffed animals are very numbered, so I had to capture this moment for posterity.
Ninety percent of the stuffed animals shown here are named either Sam or Lightning. And the baby doll? That's Ape Face.

Caitlin is the ultimate daddy's girl. 
That's all I got for this one...
He's totally wrapped around her finger.

My aunt made me a gorgeous scarf for my birthday and I have been wearing it constantly every since.  It's so warm and cozy. I was looking for something similar to what Kate from The Small Things Blog is wearing here, but hadn't been able to find anything. Then, lo and behold, this beauty is delivered to my doorstep. Thanks, Deb! I love it! 
{look for it in many future WIWWs!}

Have you ordered your Girl Scout cookies yet?
If you need help finding cookies in your area, you can go here for more information.
{There's even a "cookie finder" app available!}


  1. You brought back memories of me carting the load for the entire troop in the back of my Vanagon. I had to drive to Los Angeles for classes and return late at night. Those cookies were calling me.

    We try to only order a few Thin Mint and leave them in the freezer.

  2. Am I the only one distracted by the fact there is a mango crème variety of g.s. cookie? Or maybe I'm intrigued..not sure yet :)

  3. I ordered mine actually from three different girls. I couldn't say no!

  4. I love caramel delights too....I'm anxiously awaiting my order to arrive from the little girl down the street. That scarf is all kids of lovely!


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