Saturday, February 9, 2013

Pinterest Recipe Reviews

I own a lot of cookbooks, and I do use them frequently. But recently, 90% of my new recipes have been coming from Pinterest. Some have been awesome, some have been okay. 

And some will not be making a return to my kitchen table. I hate when that happens... you buy the ingredients and put in the work, follow the recipe carefully, and it just isn't very good.  

Fortunately, that is not the norm. By and large, I've had great luck with Pinterest  recipes thus far. Today I thought I would review some of our recent Pinterest culinary adventures.

{Disclaimer: this is in no way a judgement of original poster's cooking skills. Just my own experience and taste!}


Source: via Jessica on Pinterest

When I pin something, I often don't change the notes from the previous pinner, but with this one I should have done so. The notes say to use the crock pot, but the original recipe is for the stovetop, so that's the way I prepared it. It was delicious!

I have made a double batch of these cookies twice in the last month and frozen whatever didn't fit in the cookie jar. The last dozen are thawing out now and will be consumed today, if not sooner. These are great-big, chewy, chunky, bits of awesomeness. 

Easy, filling, and fast: this soup is perfect with grilled cheese. My whole family loved it and that is a rarity.


What I loved: frozen egg noodles. I didn't know such a thing existed! I am definitely going to try them  in chicken noodle soup.
What I didn't love: The goopy texture of the recipe and bland flavor. 

This recipe came highly recommended, so I tried it despite the fact that chicken and potatoes don't really appeal to me as a combination. I like chicken with rice better. Guess what? I should have listened to myself. I still don't like chicken and potatoes together!

Live and learn! 
I'm always looking for a good recipe to add to our weekly repertoire and if you'd like to follow along you can find me here on Pinterest


  1. Those chicken enchiladas look so so so yummy!

  2. Your recipe hits look delish! I've made countless recipes from Pinterest and most of them have been ok or really good. There's only been a couple duds. One of them was a Thai style dish and the sauce was waaaayyy to vinegary. I ended up adding my own ingredients to fix it and it turned into the best peanut sauce we've ever had. There's still some in the jar and my hubby uses it on chicken sometimes and raves about how good it it and it tastes like a restaurant. So I guess even the bad recipes can turn out good. lol =)

    ~ Catie


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