Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Spring Mantel Flashback

With February rapidly coming to a close, my mind always turns to spring. Although warm weather is months away, I can't help but gravitate to all things floral and pastel. I was going through some pictures from my pre-blogging days and thought I would share my spring/Easter mantel from last year. 

I like to call this an Easter explosion. 
Apparently, I just dumped every bit of spring-y decor I owned on the kitchen mantel and called it good.
Refined? No.
Subtle? No.
Sophisticated? Definitely not.
But that's okay, because I'm not really any of those things anyway.
It was fun and playful and made me happy, just like the springtime should.

Even Tolkien, my literary lion and guardian of the hearth, did not escape adornment.
 Now I've gotten the bug to dig out the spring decor and come up with something new for this year.
Have you decorated for spring yet?

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  1. I've definitely put my spring mantle up! I can't help myself!


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