Saturday, February 16, 2013

Winter Magic

It was a winter night like any other: cold, gray, bleak.
We went to bed expecting more of the same the next day.
But an overnight snowfall created an unexpected winter wonderland.
The light of the "rosy-fingered dawn" crept over the horizon and made everything sparkle.
 It was the kind of snowfall that makes me glad I live here. When even photos obscured by power lines take on a magical quality.
 Because a fairy landscape like this is always short-lived, Hunter and I cancelled our regular morning lessons and played outside instead. 
 Snow angels, snow forts, and nature appreciation were the lessons of the day.
The snow that frosted every branch is gone already, blown off in the wind or melted in the midday sun. 
{Not to worry, though. There's plenty left on the ground.} 
But I'm glad I had the opportunity to enjoy this glimpse of winter magic and share it with my son.


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