Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Imagination Invitation

Attention All Dreamers:

If you meet the qualifications listed below, you are hereby formally invited to join our annual spring-break journey. We build a blanket fort and camp in the wilds of Neverland.

The accommodations are luxurious, and the adventures limitless.

There are fairy lights and late nights.

 There are books, blankets, and an abundance of pillows {for fighting with, naturally}. Flash lights, ghost stories, and secret stashes of snacks are de rigueur.

There must be something magical in this fort, because within its walls even these normally squabbling siblings get along.

Every year, they look forward to this simple adventure, built on imagination and fueled by dreams.
In the words of Shel Silverstein,
If you are a dreamer, come in...
For we have some flax-golden tales to spin!
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  1. How fun! Even our 14 year daughter still loves to build fort with our 7 year old. Who doesn't love a fort! =)

    ~ Catie


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