Thursday, April 11, 2013

Choosing Fabric is Hard!

I mentioned the other day that I am in the process of redoing 6 hand-me-down dining room chairs. 
I am painting them and re-covering the seats.
I had hoped to get them done this weekend... but that was before I changed my mind 3 times on fabric. I even went so far as to buy fabric and bring it home, only to decide as soon as I walked in the door that I didn't like it. It has since been returned.

So help a girl out...
Which fabric do you like?
The classic toile?

The funky floral?

Or the romantic floral?

Nothing like having wildly different choices, huh? 

The chairs will be painted a creamy white or taupe color, and I have a lot of red/aqua/cream/gold in my house already so I know that any of these choices would work. But I would love some input and opinions. I am terrible at making decisions. Help me out or I will probably just choose something plain and boring out of frustration! 


  1. I really love the funky floral, those colors are gorgeous!

  2. I like the funky floral too, but you are right those are very different fabrics, what is the look you are going for and how are you planning to decorate the space?

  3. Wah! I can't see the images. :( But yes, picking out fabric is SO hard. I'm nearly <> this close to scraping my first quilt top because the fabrics don't match the way I thought they would with existing fabric in the room. It truly is an art. Any chance of recovering one chair in each of your fabrics to help you decide after you've lived with it?


I read and appreciate every one of your comments. Thank you so much for taking the time to let me know what you think.