Friday, April 19, 2013

Springtime Snowstorm

It has been a brutally long winter {I might have mentioned it once or twice before...} and it shows no sign of abating. 
We're talking record-breaking snow for April. 
Yesterday we got got nearly a foot of snow.

 We tried to look on the bright side... at least this snow is good for making snowmen and snow forts, and it's not too cold to play outside {as it often is in midwinter}.
 The kids and the dog were having a grand old time.

 School is closed yet again today, so Caitlin is home. 
Hunter got a snow day too.
I tried to make tell him homeschoolers don't get snow days... but when the neighbor kids and Caitlin were all outside playing, I gave in and let him go. 

 They spent all morning playing king of the hill and trying to push each other off the huge banks made by the plows. 
There's 50s in the forecast for next week.
I think I will weep with happiness if that actually happens.


  1. Me too! 50 sounds awfully nice right about now, doesn't it?

    Jenny V. In MN too :-)

  2. These are such fun pictures! We have missed snow here in Chicago this winter but it was a cold one. And no sign of spring yet! :(

    Have a great weekend...I hope you get your warm weather!



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