Saturday, April 13, 2013

Stuff and Nonsense

I've been in a bit of a funk lately. Nothing is wrong really, I just feel kind of blah. 
I blame the weather.
It's hard to be cheerful during a never-ending winter. I mean, a foot of snow in mid-April?!? Come on. That's just mean.
 The kids made the best of it.
They were trying to build the biggest snowman ever, but got a bit too ambitious and couldn't move their  creations very far. So they used them as perches instead.
 I decided this morning the best way to get over my funk was to get out of the house. So we loaded up the kids for a bit of a road trip. Nothing too exciting (well, it was exciting for me, just not so much for Chris and the kids) and drove an hour to our nearest Annie Sloan Chalk Paint retailer. 
I got the first coat on as soon as we got home, but these chairs are old  and quite wobbly. I keep finding bits that need more wood glue or other repairs, so it's slow going. 

We also went to Calico Corners to look at some of the fabric choices I mentioned in this post. Thank you all for your input! I had taken your advice and settled on the funky floral. However, when we got to CC, I decided the pattern was too large-scale for my chairs. It would've been a pain to try and have it centered nicely on each cushion. So, naturally, I went with something totally different.
A simple and classic ticking stripe.

To cap off our little day-trip, we stopped at Sonic. The closest one is more than an hour away, so none of us had ever been there.
I got a strawberry limeade and it was wonderful. Just what I needed to put me in the mood for spring.
Now if only the sun would come out!
{It's not going to though. More snow in the forecast for tomorrow. 
So we're going to an indoor water-park.}


  1. It sounds like you made the best of your day! The chair is really pretty...I've never used ASCP but I hear great things about it. I don't think you can go wrong with ticking stripe either. I love it!

    Sorry about all the snow, we had flurries today and rain all last week. Crazy weather!


    1. So far, I'm loving the ASCP. It goes on really nicely. I'll be sure and post my opinions when I'm finished. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I guess I shouldn't be complaining that it was overcast today and cool when I was gardening. So many bloggers are talking about snow in mid- April.

    I too have to drive (40 minutes) to buy Annie Sloan, but it is worth it. I was just looking at a red chair today and thinking that it needs to be white.

    Thanks for the inspiration to get going on the paint job.

    1. I agree, I'm loving the paint already and thinking of all the other colors I would like. Hello, Duck Egg Blue...
      I'd love to see your chair if you paint it!

  3. Darn this never-ending Minnesota winter!!!

    Love the fabric you picked for the chairs!

    1. Thanks Jen! We'll definitely appreciate spring when it does finally get here!

  4. Where do you live? I'm in Canada and I don't have any snow right now! (we did have a potential storm warning last night, but barely anything fell).

    Here's to summer coming soon and no more blahs! :)

    1. I live in central Minnesota. Might as well be the Arctic with the weather lately. ;)


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