Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Return of Yard Work and Recipes Worth Trying

Cue the Hallelujah chorus; spring has finally arrived in central Minnesota!
I cannot even express how happy we all are to see the mercury finally above the 50 degree mark.
Unfortunately, with warmer temperatures and disappearing snow, we were able to fully see the sorry state of our deck after the brutal winter. It wasn't in very good shape to begin with, but we've finally reached the point of no repair. It was no longer safe to walk on and I was always worried that someone would get hurt out there. So, on Saturday the boys strapped on their safety goggles, grabbed their sledge hammers, and went to work.
 Our deck is built into two sections, and thankfully we will be able to salvage the larger half. But this lower section was rotten throughout and had to be completely demolished. We are hoping to replace it with a paver-patio of some sort, but we don't have a solid plan yet. A big project is not in the budget, so it may stay in its current state for some time to come.
 Hunter thought this was the best weekend project ever. He has always loved to be Chris's helper, but he's now finally big enough to actually be of assistance. I was very impressed with how quickly this demo-crew got the job done.
While the boys were busy outside {and Caitlin was at a friend's} I got busy on my neglected chairs. Yes, they are still unfinished, but I've made progress! They are all painted, waxed, and awaiting their sanding. Sigh, someday they'll get done!
I might have gotten more done, but I kept getting distracted by my stomach.
I tried out several new Pinterest recipes this weekend and wanted to share the winners.
If you're interested in seeing more of what I pin, you can follow me here. These were all easy and delicious recipes...highly recommended!


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  1. Your men looks so cute working together on the deck! Sorry about the problem but I think pavers or even flagstone (I love the natural look of that) would work. Your chairs are coming along great but I definitely know what it's like to get distracted. I have to pin that tortelinni salad!



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