Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Summons to Hogwarts

In a family of dedicated Harry Potter fans, one's eleventh birthday carries special significance. It is the magic day when the Muggles are sorted from the magic-folk; it is the day you receive your Hogwarts acceptance letter. 
This week, my Caitlin turned 11. Naturally, she was anticipating a special letter to be delivered via Owl Post. And thanks to her sweet Auntie {my sister, Jacki, who is as big a Harry Potter fan as they come}, she got an official letter welcoming her to Hogwarts. 
After a family dinner at her favorite restaurant, Caitlin gleefully spent her birthday money on more Potter-paraphanilia for her collection.
Of course, no 11th birthday is complete without a replica of the cake Hagrid made for Harry {including Hagrid's unique spelling}. I made my Best-Ever Chocolate Cake, but frosted it in the appropriately garish shades of pink and green.
The kids finished off the evening with a heated game of Wizard's Chess and a viewing of The Sorcerer's Stone.
It was a simple birthday celebration, made magical by Caitlin's delight in everything. 
To paraphrase Professor Dumbledore, I've just a few words before we go:
"Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!"


  1. What a great cake perfect for a potter celebration

  2. How fun! If I ever have kids, I sure hope they love HP as much as I do!


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