Thursday, April 4, 2013

Volcanoes, Aqueducts, and Sunbathing

Question: what do volcanoes, Roman aqueducts, and sunbathing have in common?
Answer: they're all part of an average week in our homeschool.

While I normally shudder at the mess that accompanies large-scale kid projects like this, I figured Hunter earned it. He is working hard, and continues to LOVE science and history. We found a volcano kit at the local craft store and decided it would be perfect for a Friday afternoon. We are studying Earth science and geology, as well as ancient Rome/Pompeii, so building a volcano tied in nicely with science and history. Plus, we painted it... so that's kind of like art, right? 
{Just agree with me please. I have been slacking in the creative arts area!}
We had put red food coloring in to make it look more authentic, but for some reason the foam remained white. It was still very exciting, however. 

If I was reluctant to build a volcano due to the mess, I must have been crazy to try the next project: a sand-dough Roman aqueduct model. We tried to follow the directions from The Story of the World, but found them a little confusing. This may have been due to the fact that we had 3 other kids helping, so it was a bit chaotic. 
As you can see, our aqueduct was not built quite as solidly as the originals.

Aside from history and science, Hunter's other favorite subject is reading. Whether it's time for independent reading or our read-alouds, he can be found happily ensconced on the living room floor, basking in the warm sunshine. However, he usually has to fight the cats and dog for the prime sunbathing spots. 
Usually, the animals win.

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  1. looks fun!! my son loves the sun spots too! I'm getting ready to make your Lemon cake..yummy!


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