Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Crossing a Bridge

Life: it's full/crazy/busy these days. 
My new work schedule has taken some getting used to.
I work a few hours in the morning while Hunter does his independent work and a few hours late at night while everyone else is in bed.
It's great for our family schedule, but not so great for blogging and crafty project time.
I'm sorry if posting has been erratic; hopefully it will get better when school is out.

Last weekend marked a big milestone for Caitlin; she became a Girl Scout Cadette.
This was her fifth year as a Girl Scout, and she is really excited about this transition. I can't believe she is one of the "big girls" now.
I'm pretty sure just a heartbeat ago she was a Daisy bridging to Brownies.

But on Saturday, after months of hard work, she and her troop-mates received the highest award given to Junior Girl Scouts, the Bronze Award.
Caitlin was very nervous about explaining their service project to the large crowd at the bridging ceremony, but she did a great job.

Naturally, we celebrated the occasion with cupcakes.
I am one proud mama. 
{I knew I bought all those Girls Scout cookies for a good cause!}

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  1. Way to go Caitlin!! I too am having a hard time blogging, now that I am homeschooling Walker in the morning. I just can't find the time, like I used to. Well I still be here! Have a good day.



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