Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Homeschool Year in Review

Hello, friends. Sorry for the bloggy-hiatus! I have been thoroughly enjoying the lazy days of summer by being just that: lazy.
I have all sorts of plans and good intentions to continue our homeschool lessons through the summer months, but for now we are enjoying a much-needed brain break. Before we get back in the saddle though, I thought it would be fun to take a look back at what Hunter and I worked on during the school year.
 I can't believe how quickly this year flew by. We accomplished more than I hoped and it went so much better than I could've dreamed. Hunter's renewed love of learning has been the biggest benefit of homeschool, by far.
Of course, we covered the 3Rs {extensively, repeatedly, and thoroughly}, but here are a few of our favorite "extras" {not in chronological order}.
Greek and Roman Mythology
 Our history focus this year was on ancient times and Hunter could not get enough of the Greeks and Romans. A few of our favorite projects included making a family tree for all the gods and goddesses, building a sand-dough model of a Roman aqueduct, and dressing up as a Roman citizen {complete with a unique Latin name:
Augustus Venator. Augustus for his birth month, August, and Venator the Latin word for hunter.}

We studied astronomy and earth science this year and Hunter loved both subjects. Of course, one of the highlights was creating and exploding a model volcano. What 8-year-old doesn't love a good volcanic eruption? But the project Hunter was most proud of was his formal report on world biomes. He researched and organized this multi-page project over the course of several weeks. The final product was quite impressive and he had a great sense of accomplishment after all his hard work. 

Field Trips
No surprise here, all kids love field trips. We visited local science and history museums, as well as an apple orchard way back in September. We even managed to convince Caitlin to accompany us for that one.

This was one of the most fun, but also most random, aspects of our school year. Every now and then, we would abandon our regularly scheduled programming and indulge in something fun. We baked lots of cookies, painted pumpkins and starry skies, even made a Moses and the Red Sea diorama. Sometimes they tied in with our curriculum, sometimes they were just for fun. But the freedom to be creative when the urge hits is a welcome aspect of homeschool.

Hunter and I got to spend countless hours together over the last year, a gift I will be forever grateful for. Although there were moments when we definitely needed our space, it was overall a great experience. He is growing up way too quickly for my taste, so I am savoring the moments of quiet cuddling as we read a book or the {rare} instances when he will still let me treat him like my little boy.

I've got our curriculum all set for next fall. We'll be tackling Latin and long division, joining Classical Conversations, and diagramming sentences galore.  After this year, I'm feeling much more confident in my own abilities to teach Hunter, as well as having a better idea of what his strengths and weaknesses are. But for now, I'm off to the pool with a mind-numbing gossip magazine. 
Thank goodness for summer!
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  1. Oh my goodness - I love it! Seriously, I need to go back and find photos from the year. I'm wondering if I even have photos of things we've done! What a great year in review!! The best of all is time together! I'm also looking at CC for next year and Latin (but I think my gang is a tad younger than yours)!!! Can't wait to follow and see how next year goes! Stop by and visit me sometime to see what we are up to - www.homeiswheretheysendus.com <3


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