Thursday, July 18, 2013

Board and Batten Inspiration

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, we are planning on installing board and batten in our living room. In fact, we are already half way through the project. I still have to fill nail holes, caulk some of the seams, and do all the painting... but the installation is all done. 
Before we started this project, Chris had never heard of board and batten. Obviously, he is not on Pinterest, because that place is rife with B&B DIYs {and acronyms, obvs.}.
{I've got my own board-and-batten-devoted pinboard that you can find here.}
After perusing some of our favorite inspiration pictures and tutorials, we agreed that we both prefer a chunky-style B&B like this:
{via: Love of Family & Home}
I have been in love with this image forever. The vibrant color, the bright and beautiful B&B, the gallery wall. It's perfect. So we used this as a jumping off point. I'm even seriously considering painting the wall above our B&B a blue-green color.
Maybe one of these {both from Benjamin Moore}:
Palladian Blue
Or a slightly deeper Wythe Blue
Here's Wythe Blue in another one of my favorite inspiration rooms:
{via: Four Generations One Roof}
I could leave the upper walls their existing color {Tobacco Road}, however, and save myself some trouble. I could just use the pretty blue as an accent. That would be the simple thing to do.
But since when do I do the simple thing?!
Here are some B&B walls with similarly neutral paint colors:
{via: Thrifty Decor Chick}
{via: Simplicity in the South}
{via: Blue Clear Sky}
For now, I may just stick with Tobacco Road. I think we've bitten off more than we can chew the way it is, but that's how we roll in the Ruhl house. It's the Ruhl Roll {say that 3x fast!}
What do you think? Robin's egg blue or stick with Tobacco Road?

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

You've read this children's book, right?
It's a darling little story about the cumulative effects of giving a cookie to a mouse.
The story winds in escalating spirals into all kinds of crazy situations, all due to one simple action.

Well, if you follow me on instagram, you'll see that I have a similarly circular pattern of crazy logic going on in my living room.

It all started with this plant.
Apparently, one or both of my cats are vegetarians. Because they can not stop eating bits of my fern. Which they promptly vomit onto the carpet.
Which led to this:
Chris couldn't stand cleaning up one more nasty mess from our already nasty {formerly} white carpet. So one morning while I was working, he tore it out. We had talked about it, A LOT, but apparently he couldn't stand one more minute with that carpet.
Thinking it would be a simple matter to replace the carpet, we naturally didn't expect it to turn into a big project.
See that dark spot on the floor by the window? Yeah. That's rotten subfloor. Apparently, a pipe from our baseboard heating was very slowly leaking under the couch. So we now have to replace part of the subfloor. I'm just glad we found it when we did.
So our kitchen looks like this:
And my kids think it's the greatest thing ever to have the couch and love seat pushed up to the kitchen table. They can lounge while they eat!
But having the living room cleared out inspired me to paint...
Which, of course, led to a discussion of board and batten.
Because, why not?
The house is already a-shambles, so what's one more project, right?
So, we're installing board and batten.
And new flooring.
And painting {probably}.
All because I bought a plant.
If you give a blogger a cookie...
she's gonna want to redo her living room to go with it.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Independence Day!

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness...
God Bless America!
Wishing you a safe and happy Independence Day!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

I Am Sher-Locked

It has become something of a summertime tradition in our house to get hooked on a British television series. We've done Robin Hood, Merlin, Dr. Who and Downton. {Actually, I watched Downton religiously when it first aired on PBS, but didn't get the rest of the family attached till last summer.} 
What are we watching this summer you ask?
The answer is elementary, my dear reader.

We watched both seasons of Sherlock as they aired, but have been loving them again this summer {they are available on Netflix for instant streaming}. It's clever, fast-paced, and all-around fun.
And there's this:
Hello, cheekbones.

But I digress...
While we love this modern adaption of Sherlock, we are also listening to the original versions by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. 

I use this app, Audiobooks, so I can listen in my car, while I'm cooking, even while I curl my hair. You can also stream the same content through the LibriVox website. 
Our favorite time to listen to a good Sherlock story is while camping. Laying in a dark tent, with the night wind blowing through the trees, while listening to the Hounds of Baskerville... no ghost stories around the campfire are necessary!

Finally, I have recently discovered, and fallen in love with, the world of Mary Russell. Created by author Laurie R. King, Russel is introduced to readers, and to a retired Holmes, in the novel The Beekeeper's Apprentice.
Mary Russell, narrator of The Beekeeper's Apprentice, is just fifteen when she literally stumbles into the fifty-four year old Holmes while walking on the Sussex Downs. Mary is a brilliant, but unhappy, young woman. Holmes, is a reclusive and eccentric detective-turned-beekeeper. Despite their differences, the two form an instant friendship, which develops into a full-fledged partnership as Mary grows under Holmes' tutelage. 

There are currently 12 books in the Mary Russell series, and I have finished the first four. Laurie King masterfully incorporates the well-loved canon of Holmesian lore into the world of Mary Russell. In doing so, she makes the character of Sherlock more human than he often appears in Doyle's Victorian portrayal, while still remaining true to his brilliant spirit. 

This summer, my family and I have clearly been Sher-locked.
What are you doing to while away the lazy days of summer?