Wednesday, July 3, 2013

I Am Sher-Locked

It has become something of a summertime tradition in our house to get hooked on a British television series. We've done Robin Hood, Merlin, Dr. Who and Downton. {Actually, I watched Downton religiously when it first aired on PBS, but didn't get the rest of the family attached till last summer.} 
What are we watching this summer you ask?
The answer is elementary, my dear reader.

We watched both seasons of Sherlock as they aired, but have been loving them again this summer {they are available on Netflix for instant streaming}. It's clever, fast-paced, and all-around fun.
And there's this:
Hello, cheekbones.

But I digress...
While we love this modern adaption of Sherlock, we are also listening to the original versions by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. 

I use this app, Audiobooks, so I can listen in my car, while I'm cooking, even while I curl my hair. You can also stream the same content through the LibriVox website. 
Our favorite time to listen to a good Sherlock story is while camping. Laying in a dark tent, with the night wind blowing through the trees, while listening to the Hounds of Baskerville... no ghost stories around the campfire are necessary!

Finally, I have recently discovered, and fallen in love with, the world of Mary Russell. Created by author Laurie R. King, Russel is introduced to readers, and to a retired Holmes, in the novel The Beekeeper's Apprentice.
Mary Russell, narrator of The Beekeeper's Apprentice, is just fifteen when she literally stumbles into the fifty-four year old Holmes while walking on the Sussex Downs. Mary is a brilliant, but unhappy, young woman. Holmes, is a reclusive and eccentric detective-turned-beekeeper. Despite their differences, the two form an instant friendship, which develops into a full-fledged partnership as Mary grows under Holmes' tutelage. 

There are currently 12 books in the Mary Russell series, and I have finished the first four. Laurie King masterfully incorporates the well-loved canon of Holmesian lore into the world of Mary Russell. In doing so, she makes the character of Sherlock more human than he often appears in Doyle's Victorian portrayal, while still remaining true to his brilliant spirit. 

This summer, my family and I have clearly been Sher-locked.
What are you doing to while away the lazy days of summer?



  1. Major Holmes fan here, have you watched Elementry? Also Larry Millett has a good Holmes remake story set in MN.

  2. I haven't seen this one yet, but I think I need to get hooked on it. :-)



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