Wednesday, July 17, 2013

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

You've read this children's book, right?
It's a darling little story about the cumulative effects of giving a cookie to a mouse.
The story winds in escalating spirals into all kinds of crazy situations, all due to one simple action.

Well, if you follow me on instagram, you'll see that I have a similarly circular pattern of crazy logic going on in my living room.

It all started with this plant.
Apparently, one or both of my cats are vegetarians. Because they can not stop eating bits of my fern. Which they promptly vomit onto the carpet.
Which led to this:
Chris couldn't stand cleaning up one more nasty mess from our already nasty {formerly} white carpet. So one morning while I was working, he tore it out. We had talked about it, A LOT, but apparently he couldn't stand one more minute with that carpet.
Thinking it would be a simple matter to replace the carpet, we naturally didn't expect it to turn into a big project.
See that dark spot on the floor by the window? Yeah. That's rotten subfloor. Apparently, a pipe from our baseboard heating was very slowly leaking under the couch. So we now have to replace part of the subfloor. I'm just glad we found it when we did.
So our kitchen looks like this:
And my kids think it's the greatest thing ever to have the couch and love seat pushed up to the kitchen table. They can lounge while they eat!
But having the living room cleared out inspired me to paint...
Which, of course, led to a discussion of board and batten.
Because, why not?
The house is already a-shambles, so what's one more project, right?
So, we're installing board and batten.
And new flooring.
And painting {probably}.
All because I bought a plant.
If you give a blogger a cookie...
she's gonna want to redo her living room to go with it.


  1. Will you leave the textured wall or add smooth board in between?

    1. Our walls aren't really textured, I think it's just the grainy picture that makes them look that way. So we are doing it the easy way and just doing a "faux" board and batten. It will all be painted a semi-gloss white and hopefully nobody will be able to tell! ;-)

  2. Will you leave the textured wall or add smooth board in between?

  3. Funny post! I cant wait to see the finished product!


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