Friday, August 30, 2013


I just have a few insta-pics to share this week. We're savoring the last few free days before the school schedules kick in. If you want to join in the insta-fun, you can follow me {I'm dreamanddiffer}.

The highlight of this week was definitely our trip to the Great Minnesota Get-Together. The Minnesota State Fair is a crazy, crowded zoo, but so worth braving the crowds and heat.
Food, animals, food, people-watching, food, rides, and more food.

Did I mention the food?
My weird-fair-food of the year was this sweet corn ice-cream, with bacon-honey-butter.
Sounds disgusting, but was actually really good.

I'm going to miss my girl when she goes back to school this week. I am so not one of those parents cheering as the school bus drives away. I have loved having her home with me every day this summer.
Even if she does think I'm crazy.

And now that summer is nearly over, these two finally decided to work together on something. They managed to make a batch of cookies without fighting. It only took 3 months for them to get bored enough to appreciate each-other's company!

Hope you have a great Labor Day weekend!

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