Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Chalkboard Monogram

I just want to start by saying thank you all so much for the mantel love! I am overwhelmed by all your sweet comments and emails. Thank you!

The chalkboard in my living room has been painted, repainted, and moved around more times than I can count. It's been above the kitchen mantel, the living room mantel, and by the front door. It has borne poems, seasonal messages, blessings, and Christmas carols. Basically, it is well used and it is showing it's age. The chalk markers I love are, unfortunately, difficult to erase. The faded shadow of my former doodles are still visible. It was time to repaint.
But I'm lazy.
My solution? 
A monogram!
I've had this beauty from Southern Nest hanging over my bed for almost a year now. And I love it there, but I was ready to change it up a bit and I wanted to showcase my monogram.
Lucky me, it fit like a glove into this frame. 
It was obviously meant to be.
I like how the monogram pops against the black chalkboard. It's graphic and romantic all at once {as long as it's not graphically romantic... keeping it G-rated here!}
And it {mostly} hides all of the ghosts of chalk-art-past.
Up close, yes, you can definitely see that I need to paint both frame and chalkboard. But from a distance it looks perfect. And I'm a big-picture type of girl. 
So join me, standing back here a bit, and enjoy the view. 
I really think I should have been born south of the Mason-Dixon, because I love me a good monogram.
But I'm definitely in the minority here in central Minnesota. Are you a monogram girl, or do you prefer to remain initial-less?

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