Thursday, September 19, 2013

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You guys, I am not a naturally organized person.
I like the idea of organizing, but the actual task of organizing is usually relegated to the bottom of my to-do list. However, homeschooling has forced me to jump on the organizational bandwagon. Last year we followed a "loose plan" i.e., I knew what had to get done, but we rolled through each day with no particular schedule and only a skeleton lesson plan. Too often, we lingered over read-aloud or a history lesson {read: fun stuff} and then had to scramble to finish math and grammar {read: un-fun stuff} later in the day. It led to a lot of crabby/whiny behavior. And Hunter didn't like it either. 
Enter my plan of attack for our second year of homeschool: I wanted something that could be a combo household binder, lesson planner, menu planner, and homeschool record keeper. Not easy to find, it turns out. So I cobbled together a custom binder to fit my needs. The binder itself is from Target and the {FREE} homeschool planner printables are from Our Intentional Life. The {FREE}cleaning schedule is from Clean Mama. I love free stuff.
I've got sections for everything from attendance to a reading log. And schedules? We've got schedules galore. Do we follow them? For school, the answer is mostly yes. For cleaning, not so much. But it's good to have goals, right? {There's a section for those too!}
Here's a {blurry} peak at Hunter's daily schedule. 
My daily planner and calendar are from I Heart Organizing {etsy shop}. My photo doesn't do the colors justice. It's really cute. 
I use a purse-size planner and my phone to keep track of all our sports, activities, and appointments. This calendar is strictly for school/home related planning. 
There's space for all our daily lessons, dinner menu planning, notes, and weekly goals. I love being able to check things off as we finish them. It's so gratifying... I think it's my favorite part of the planner! 

So three weeks in, we're on track and organized. Woo-hoo!
{Disclaimer: I make no promises that I'll be able to say the same thing by February!}
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  1. We have a family binder from I heart organizing too! We love it!

  2. That is super cute we also use a binder and I am pretty much the same for school do we follow yep! For cleaning not so much...haha!

  3. Ooooo....I love your binder! It is totally a plan of action...exactly what I call it too @ A Nurse's Wildflowers! Funny!


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