Wednesday, October 23, 2013

On Getting the Perfect Family Photo

Last weekend, I had the brilliant idea to take my own family photos. I knew we would have a few free hours on Saturday afternoon, the weather looked like it would cooperate, and there was still enough leaves left on the trees that the fall colors would make a great back drop.
Or so I thought.

My first step was to ransack my closet, and then Caitlin's. Together, we picked out a few cute, coordinating outfits and then moved on to the boys. We hit our first roadblock in Hunter's closet. Turns out he was sorely lacking in non-graphic shirts. Nothing a quick trip to Target couldn't fix, though. And I needed to buy a tripod anyway, so once those were both taken care of, we were good to go.
Again. So I thought.

Saturday was supposed to be overcast and cool. It wasn't. 
It was freezing. And sleeting. We managed to get dressed and ready, but by the time we were all set to go, it was snowing in earnest. I was starting to feel like Clark Griswold when his family wants to give up on their vacation. I had come this far. There was no turning back. It was a QUEST!

{Language warning! Clark drops the f-bomb repeatedly in this scene.}

I give you the results of my quest:
Caitlin got rain in her eyes...
And we all got frostbite.

Oh well. If nothing else, we'll have an interesting Christmas card this year!


  1. well i must say if it weren't for the closed eyes, these would be perfection. can you Photoshop sunglasses on the kiddos? Love the outfits.

  2. I love the colors. Really, really cute! I think they turned out great - real.

    1. Thank you! We did manage to get one or two half decent ones, but I'm kind of partial to these goofy ones!


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