Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas Baking: So Easy a Tween Can Do It

Our weeknight schedule is always jam-packed, so a last minute realization that we needed to make seven dozen cookies for a Girl Scout event tomorrow nearly inspired a panic attack. I have lots of cookies in the freezer this time of year, but Caitlin was supposed to actually be involved in making them since it was for her event after all. And heaven forbid we fudge the requirements and use cookies I made without her. That's not the Girl Scout way.

So with only a three-hour window between school and a choir concert, I turned to my oracle of holiday inspiration: Pinterest. We found two likely candidates, made a quick trip to the store, and got to work. 
I've seen these melting snowman cookies all over Pinterest recently and they looked cute, but seemed pretty elaborate. Not so! This recipe was so easy, Caitlin made them all by herself no problem. 

{image and recipe from Tablespoon}

I did jump in and help with the decorating, but for the most part she had it under control.

 You know it's easy when we are crunched for time, in the middle of a messy project, and we're actually smiling!
 And they turned out pretty darn cute. {Remember, they are melting so they're supposed to be imperfect…}

Last year we also discovered this awesome and super easy recipe for Andes Mint Cookies.
{Recipe and image via Six Sisters Stuff}

With only four ingredients, they are a snap to make and are so yummy!
Caitlin kept double checking the recipe, because she couldn't believe they were so simple.

Thanks to my holiday idea board and some easy cookie recipes, a potential crisis was averted. Caitlin made the cookies herself, thereby maintaining her honor as a Girl Scout. We did have to fill in the gaps from my freezer cookie stash, but she produced the majority of the cookies. And we had fun, to boot.

Do you have any favorite "so easy a tween can do it" recipes? 


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