Sunday, March 9, 2014

Spring Break Doings

I've been pretty spotty with blogging the little things lately, but I do try to share everyday doings on Instagram. I'd love it if you followed along… you can find me here. We just finished up a week long vacation from school… and I wish I could say we spent this spring break lounging on a beach somewhere, but unfortunately we stayed pretty close to home. That doesn't mean we didn't have a few adventures and lots of fun though! 

 We took advantage of our lazy days with lots of late night movies, followed by sleeping late the next day. And WAFFLES!

It finally warmed up into the 20s, so we wasted no time and headed out to the local sledding hill. It was great to finally enjoy all the snow we've gotten this year.

We did have one school-related adventure and went to the Minneapolis Institute of Art for a field trip on medieval art. However, the kids were much more entertained by the nudes. The museum was pretty quiet, so they had free reign to giggle and goof around.

After the museum we went to a local British pub for fish and chips. My two little anglophiles absolutely loved it.

 I had the fish and chips, while Caitlin had bangers and mash. Hunter, however, had grilled cheese. Even British food is too exotic for his taste it seems.

We are finally getting new neighbors in the house across the road, so I put together a little welcome gift for them. It was so sunny and cute, I had a hard time parting with it!

What's spring break without some spring cleaning? I've never shared my upstairs bathroom here, but since I spent half the day Saturday scrubbing every inch of it, I thought I better snap a picture and share. 

Have you had spring break yet? Do you travel or stay home like we did?

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