Wednesday, April 23, 2014

What I Wore in April

It can be hard to choose cute clothes in April, especially in Minnesota. The weather is volatile in the extreme, with one day bringing snow and the next sunshine and warm breezes. Heck, that can happen in the same day! I've found that layers and colorful accessories are a good way to tackle the changing weather, while still venturing outside my winter-wardrobe staples. That being said, here's a look at some of my April wearings…

I could live in a white tee and jeans. It is so simple, but with a fun accessory and a pop of color, it is easily elevated to something more pretty.
 Scarf: Target 
Shoes: Old Navy  
Tee: Boden   
Jeans: Silver

Sweater, flats: Target
Scarf: Nordstrom's
Jeans: Joe's Jeans

Hoodie: Old Navy
Jeans: Silver
Red ballet flats: Old Navy
 {not shown, as I somehow amputated my feet in this photo, but they looked cute!}

Gingham button-up, denim jacket: Old Navy
Pink tee: Down East Basics
Jeans, flats: Target

Scarf, flats: Old Navy
Tee: Boden
Sweater: Land's End
Jeans: Silver

At the last minute, I ordered this dress from Land's End for Easter. I was worried it wouldn't arrive in time and/or wouldn't fit. But it did and it does. And I love it. Cute, comfy, great fit, and on sale… highly recommend. You can find it here.
You can see the color better in this picture:
It's a true navy, with a splash of green and white in the flowers. Perfect for spring.

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter 2014

 Happy Easter Monday, friends! I hope your Easter was restful and refreshing. We had a big gathering of family at our house, filled with laughter, fellowship, and yummy food. Before church on Easter morning, we always make a point of snapping a quick family photo. Here's the 2014 version:

 One good thing about hosting a big family gathering: it motivates me to clean! Spring cleaning was in high gear last week, and the results were worth it. The dining room sparkled, and the living room shone.
We rearranged furniture several times in order to squeeze in seating for fourteen guests, but now the living room is back to looking like this… for now.
 One special guest at Easter was my niece Dani. Last week, we had the pleasure of watching her be crowned queen at our hometown scholarship pageant {the same pageant wherein I got 1st Princess, way back in the day!}. She did an amazing job, and it was so fun to watch her grace and poise shine on stage. We love you, Dani Sue!

After a relaxing day off today, Hunter and I are back to school/work tomorrow. We've finished our grammar, and are nearly done with our math book. I can see the finish line for this school year!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Lazy Day Style: An Honest Look at WIWW

Happy April, friends! I am hoping spring will be kind enough to make an appearance here soon, but so far no luck. Winter is determined to hang on for a while longer. :(

pleated poppy
It's Wednesday, and time again for What I Wore. The point of these semi-regular posts of mine are to motivate me {and the hundreds of other participants who link up at The Pleated Poppy} to ditch the sweats and pjs and get dressed in something cute. For the most part it works. Most days, I do get dressed… just not for long! I might run errands or take Hunter to the library, but the minute I'm back home, the bra comes off and the sweats are back on! 

Here's an honest peek at my lazy day every day style.
Cardi: Target  Tee:  LL Bean   Tank: Old Navy   Pants: Lands End Starfish Collection
I love those pants and wear them all the time. Highly recommend them! So that is what I wear at home; here are a few outfits I've worn in public…

 Everything here is from Old Navy except the scarf. It's from Target.

 Same cardi as above, and everything in this pic is from Target.

Dress: Lands End  Leggings: Old Navy  Boots: Born  Necklace: Yard Sale

Now it's time to spill your guts, do you throw on your comfies as soon as you get home, or do you hold out for bedtime? Don't be afraid to admit it if you're an all-day-pj person… I'm right there with you!